Acne scars + acne

May 6, 2006

London is such a fabulous place for shopping. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve bought Dermalogica Medicated Clearing Blemish Gel, Origins No Puffery, The Organic Pharmacy Virgin Pressed Rose Hip Oil, dVb brown metal framed aviators with brown gradient lenses, Prada nylon case used as pencil case.

Let me rave about some of my new beauty products. The Organic Pharmacy’s virgin pressed rose hip oil is a special oil designed to help reverse sun damage, reduce cellulite, reduce wrinkles and lighten scars. I’m using it to lighten the very annoying acne scars AND to prevent any wrinkles, since I’m such a sun worshipper. I have used sun beds before.. Also, because this is an oil, it helps to hydrate the skin and plumps it up. Apply it at night (a couple of drops to cover the entire face – including under the eye area where lines always like to appear, and the crows feet area. For those who’ve got cellulite, simply apply to area. Like any other organic skincare system, results do take a pretty long time, but it’s definitely worth the wait, and is really gentle to the skin. For results to appear even quicker, I recommend the Scar tissue homeopathy. It’s got ingredients that will help reduce scar tissue. It’s tiny little pills that you suck twice-thrice a day. They don’t taste iffy- in fact, they taste like tiny sweets! Yummy, AND good for your skin.

Dermalogica’s Skin Refining Masque and Anti-Bac Masques are my Holy Grail and what I really love for keeping those bitch zits under control. The skin refining masque is good for a twice-thrice weekly for a mop up of grime, sebum and dirt. It hardens after about 7minutes, and you wash it off to reveal a cleaner complexion. The anti-bac cooling masque helps kill bacteria and you can feel it working! The tea tree oil in it helps to kill bacteria as well. Leave it on till you don’t feel the cooling effect, then rinse it off.


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