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Heidi Slimane replaced by Kris Van Assche

March 31, 2007

I’m sure you guys have heard of this huge news. Heidi Slimane revolutionised male fashion and kind of created the whole male size 00. Slimane was famous for the “Dior Homme” look that usually consisted of: white shirt or dirty old T-shirt, skinny jeans, sneakers. This look, wasn’t really my favourite, but those in the rock scene rocked the look pretty well. Will Assche create a huge impact in the fashion world for men? I think the answer would be yes. Slimane loved androgyny. Assche’s version of jeans are ”baggy black pants”, and this is already a far cry from skinny jeans. Assche was also quoted to be inspired by the “Bell Epoque” period that featured bow ties and hats – very classy indeed. Also well known at Dior Homme, colour was usually absent, but Assche says that for his spring show that had an “eighties feel – American Gigolo”, there was a lot of “yellow and red”.

I’m already quite happpy that Assche is taking over Slimane. Don’t get my wrong – Slimane is one of my favourite designers, but to be honest, it seems that Assche is going to be a great change for Dior Homme. I was getting quite tired of the whole mod look – a look that I seldom embraced and didn’t exactly love. Also quite worthy of knowing is that Assche is a fan of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (Joe Le Taxi, anyone?), and this, already is a change from Slimane’s love for Pete Doherty (Crack-head!!)

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Naomi Campbell Sanitation Style Round-up

March 31, 2007

Diva.. The ultimate diva.

Fur coat by Pologergis, £4075.
Blouse by Vintage Etro, £250.
Jeans by J Brand, £125.
Boots by Marc by Marc Jacobs, £370.

Fedora by Borsalino, £35.
Fur coat by Giuliana Teso, £1020.
Trousers by Ralph Lauren, £725.
Boots by Christian Louboutin for Alice Temperley, £585.

Leather coat by Burberry, £3500.
Polo by Ralph Lauren, £525.
Chanel J12 Watch, £6450.
Boots by Bottega Veneta, £555.
Hat by Proenza Schouler.

Cap by Chanel, £350.
Sunglasses by Salvatore Ferragamo, £135.
Coat by Ralph Lauren, £2645.
Christian Louboutin boots, £585.

Girl can work her wardrobe no matter where she is!

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Prada Nappa Gauffre Convertible satchel

March 30, 2007


What a gorgeous bag. Prada’s been doing their whole Gauffre thing these few seasons, and everyone has started to pick on the trend. I love the rosey glow of this bag and the really gorgeous gold hardware you can wear with your lovely gold jewellery. The pinkish colour is great for summer and would do so well with the spring palette. Lindsay Lohan has been seen wearing this bag too! US$2360.


Beckhams at Sport Industry Awards

March 30, 2007

Can I just say that they look so adorable together? So cute!!



March 30, 2007

I promise to blog tomorrow..I just got off the plane after a 14hour flight..
Say no to ugly eye bags!!

and bloody water retention.


Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez

March 28, 2007


These 2 gorgeous women, in my opinion, are at the tops of the style ladder. They aren’t afraid to take risks, and always look impeccably put together. Sure, they may have loads of haters, but their fashion sense and style is undoubtedly one of the best. And let’s not forget that Jennifer and Victoria are friends and have been rumoured to start a fashion line together after meeting in Rome during Tom’s and Katie’s wedding. Also, Jennifer’s been giving some love to Victoria by wearing dVb sunglasses – which, incidentally, I adore! I say all this, even though I do think that Victoria should, erm, cover up her boob area a little some times.

In that picture, Victoria’s wearing that Giambattista Valli waist-cinching belt and that grey off-shoulder piece with her perma-tan and blonde crop. Jennifer’s wearing some YSL tribute pumps that have made their mark in the fashion scene.


The guide to hit back

March 27, 2007

Ok, so this isn’t much of a fashion post, but it’s just kind of a rant. I’ve gotten flak for what I’ve worn before, and know the people who insulted and pointed fingers at me. Same goes for my other fashionable, dare-to-be-different friends. Now, when I say different, I’m not saying they’re punky or goth. All I’m saying is that we’re very in trend, very on-vogue, and we don’t bother about what others say. This post, however, is just spitting right back at the haters.

1. Only insult/point fingers if you have the calibre to do so. I mean, if you got bankrupt while playing the fashion lottery, for goodness’ sakes, don’t blame it on others. You only got yourself to blame. After all, it’s you who is wearing leggings with those tree-trunk legs of yours.

2. Even if you have the calibre to do so, you don’t do it. I don’t insult what people wear. I may have my opinions and occasionally look at the odd outfit I see, but I don’t openly bitch about other people’s fashion sense.

3. And even if you insult, at least be smart and not bitch to my close friends. Simply ‘cos I’ll laugh at your stupidity. Gosh, you’ve got a brain of an ant and you bring stupidity to a whole new level.

4. Got something to say, say it politely. ‘cos I’ll just laugh at the horrible manners and how awful your parents brought you up.

5. Respect.

* * *

Ok, that was actually for those who have received any/some sort of flak/shit from anyone who is simply too ugly to insult. Bitch! More shopping posts tomorrow. I promise.