dVb sunglasses

March 15, 2007

These 2 pairs are probably the most famous and most worn by the queen bee herself- Victoria Beckham. Now, these 2 are seriously large. Huge, gigantic, mammoth like. It made me look like a bloody fly, but VB still manages to work it. These were modelled over 60s icon Jackie O, who used to wear enormous sunglasses in her hey day. The logos of the sunglasses range is a simple 6 pointed star. Very classy and very subtle. The top one has a black frame and purple gradient lenses, while the second one is tortoise shell framed and brown lenses. £140 from Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols.


Now, these brown frame aviators with brown gradient lenses are a different story. I’ve always had a difficult time finding aviators that fit right. It took me ages to get the dark blue frame with black gradient lenses Gucci aviators. Back to these dVb aviators. The fit is perfect. It sits just right on my nosebridge, but does slide down a ilttle when my nose is oily. But it’s no biggie, as noses can always be made matte with a blotter. Wearing these with a dressed down, casual look works perfectly as it jazzes the outit up with the interesting studs on the lens. The trademark star logo is at the very end, and will not stand out. That said, the dVb logo is etched at the bottom corner of the left lens. Very subtle, very posh. I’ve got this, and it is perfect. £140.


These are something that I would like to buy soon. It’s an updated version of a retro disco look, and would work so well with top-jeans-leather sandals outfit. The gold frame screams out retro, and the small sign on the front makes it even more interesting. I really like this, but I do find that it’s a tad too narrow for my face.. Looks like I’ll have to lose even more weight to wear this pair. £140.
Update: Ok, I did buy this in the end. I love the gold frame that pops my skin colour and makes me look less serious despite my daily expression of no-smiling. I do feel a little retro when I wear this pair of sunnies, and I enjoy the looks I get – the looks that say “I’m sure I’ve seen there before.. Hmm..”. Haha. I do recommend it though.



  1. […] are both painfully thin – and think they have to be that way. When I look at Nicole Richie, …dVb sunglasses These 2 pairs are probably the most famous and most worn by the queen bee herself- Victoria […]

  2. Finally a person who has love for D&G. LOOL yeah $75 can do a lotta stuff

  3. ooh those are cuute

  4. do you know anywhere that sells the huge black ones? any stores or online websites?? i want them so bad! thanks!

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