Balenciaga Men

March 18, 2007


When it comes to bags, I’m very particular about how a bag is carried, slung, etc… The first picture is the besace, a model that a close friend has. This is in brown. The distressed goat leather is one that is delicious, and there are tassels on the zippers that truly make it a balenciaga. That said, I find it quite difficult to get access into the bag because of the flap. £489 from Harrods.

bbag-day.jpg credit: carryingconception
This is the day bag which is similar to the besace but doesn’t have that flap. I like how easy it is to access the bag’s contents..much easier than the besace. I love the besace, but prefer the day. In fact, my favourite of all these bags is the extra courier (see below). £489 from Harrods.

This Balenciaga Extra Courier plays well with the whole over-sized trend that’s going on at the moment. The distressed black leather is luscious and supple. It’s gigantic but wouldn’t make one look like a silly olsen twin. There are tassels, but knowing me, I’ll probably tie up the tassels into a ribbon or something. There’s something about having stuff dangling which annoys me. It’s huge, it’s a manbag, it doesn’t look overly blokey, and I love it. £489 from Harrods.



  1. I like that the Besace maintains its shape, although I like the Day because of the top zipper.

    (P.S. That second picture – I used that for my eBay auction when I sold that hehe)

  2. i’ve got the extra courier in brown and its the greatest thing ever. its big but not structured so you could use it on a light day where you’re not carrying much or when you’re travelling. the leather on these bags also ages really nicely and becomes really really soft with alot of use. also, since it isnt very much more expensive (i have no idea why yours are all tagged at £489 cos in singapore the courier is an equivalent of £100 more expensive than the other two) than the other bags they offer for men, it’s probably a better buy unless you arent into big bags

  3. Oops, the extra courier is £589. Sorry about that. Thanks for pointing that out, james!

  4. I just got one extra courier here in taipei,

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