Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

March 19, 2007


Having chapped lips, dehydrated skin, cracked elbows/knees or dry cuticles?? This is a God-send!! It has no frilliness about it, and does what it says and does it well. For application on lips, I recommend using it only at night as it’s as gooey and glossy as it gets. You can leave it on your finger for it to melt and then just apply it liberally onto your lips. When using it it as an intensive treatment for your lips, use a soft washcloth or a baby toothbrush to buff the dead skin away. You’ll reveal soft and perfectly hydrated lips. I like using it on my elbows as my elbows crack when dehydrated. It can be even used on your face on long-haul flights, especially when your skin is dehydrated. Several people use this as a glow giving product as well. Simply smear a tiny bit on your cheekbones to get that natural glow, and smear a tiny bit on your eyelids for that super natural look as well. £20 from Seflridges or Boots.


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