Selfridges shoes round-up!

March 26, 2007

I went out shopping yesterday and specifically put aside a certain sum of money to spend on shoes. After combing through Selfridges’ shoe section for 2 hours, I ended up with nothing. Absolutely nothing. There wasn’t anything to buy. The thing is, I always manage to buy something from Selfridges everytime I step into the store. But yesterday was just horrid – nothing at all.

Anyway, let me sum up some of the collections.

Dolce&Gabbana: Why the hell have they come up with a monogram?! The shoes were a tad too white and had far too much gold in it. The DG area left me with nothing more than a headache.

Bottega Veneta: Lovely leather shoes, but if you’ve got leather weaving on shoes, I wouldn’t want to wear them out.

Dior Homme: Pretty standard. White. Black. How wrong can you get?

Gucci: I think the designers went a bit Red/Green mad on the shoes. And they’ve got these slippers with a red base. Ew. Not recommended!!

Paul Smith: Same old same old stripey stripey – getting quite tired of it.

Tod’s: Love their driving shoes in the array of colours.

Miu Miu: Saw a nice canvas pair..but was afraid that the straw-weave would start coming out after wears.



  1. I hate the DG monogram! It’s so tacky and they’re just trying to capitalize on the popularity of monogram. LV, Goyard, Gucci, and Fendi are excused because I guess they have “history” with the monogram.

  2. I do think that a lot of the designer brands could do with a logo overhaul.

  3. Generally, I hate any logo. I think if you have to use the logo to sell the product, the design is not so great.

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