Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez

March 28, 2007


These 2 gorgeous women, in my opinion, are at the tops of the style ladder. They aren’t afraid to take risks, and always look impeccably put together. Sure, they may have loads of haters, but their fashion sense and style is undoubtedly one of the best. And let’s not forget that Jennifer and Victoria are friends and have been rumoured to start a fashion line together after meeting in Rome during Tom’s and Katie’s wedding. Also, Jennifer’s been giving some love to Victoria by wearing dVb sunglasses – which, incidentally, I adore! I say all this, even though I do think that Victoria should, erm, cover up her boob area a little some times.

In that picture, Victoria’s wearing that Giambattista Valli waist-cinching belt and that grey off-shoulder piece with her perma-tan and blonde crop. Jennifer’s wearing some YSL tribute pumps that have made their mark in the fashion scene.



  1. Meh – they’re both bland and boring – not particularly stylish at all in my opinion, besides, they don’t often choose what they wear to public events, a team of PR people and stylists do that! If you’d said Kate Moss or Dita von Teese, I would agree with you there but Vicky and Jenny are just dull dull dull. I think Vicky’s tits look shockingly embarrassing now too. Dave should put his foot down.

  2. I don’t think they’re dull, Robin.. In fact, I think they’re such fun people. Love love love them. Kate and Dita are fab fab fab too. Really liked Naomi’s outfits during her sanitation duty as well. Will post that up soon. Cheers mate.

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