Victoria Beckham – Chanel Skis?

April 4, 2007


What an improvement from last year’s French skiing trip. Last year saw her with that leather Chanel suit (Hello? A bit too much?) and saw her wearing North Face and Moncler. That really gorgeous aviators with a little retro touch…really like it. Ok, at least this girl has matured a little more and actually did ski. Girl can add skiing to her CV.



  1. hello victoria……you are beautiful….and your boyfriend is beautiful… you are thou excellent…….i like thou link up with you……i like you..i like i like very very …….. kiss…in kosova word like is pelqen hahahahahahaha kisses … i like viktoria

  2. umm.. you DO know its her husband right? they have 3 kids…

  3. hello!!!!!

    i like you !!

    moh moh

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