It’s all about the package, baby!

April 7, 2007

I was talking to a friend about how I assess a person at first impression. It’s kind of funny, but quite cruel as well. So, here are the 3 points that we came up with. Feel free to leave comments to add on or comment on our sarcastic and somewhat cruel way of judgement. 😉

Here goes!

There are 3 requirements for us to be in a relationship with a person. At all times, the person must fulfil at least 2 of these requirements.
1. A great face
2. A great body
3. A great personality
We were saying that if a person has the face + body, at least they can be a one night-er. (Note that we’re not actually slutty people.. Like what Carrie Bradshaw said, we’ll sleep with them only virtually)
Face + personality would be alright ‘cos at least the body can be worked on. A little chubby? Hit the gym.
Alright, I guess you guys can imagine what else the combinations can be. But what if one doesn’t have ANY?? That will be really bad. Don’t you think?

Ok, enough from my cheeky and somewhat incoherent post. Don’t forget to leave comments, y’all!

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)


One comment

  1. My take? it’s all about the face. Not consciously but it’s so true how if you’re beautiful you can get away with anything. Good looking people can carry off tricky trends because we see the face first and then we’re already sold before our eyes venture south.

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