SK-II – Facial Clear Solution

April 14, 2007

I must admit that I’ve never got into the whole SK-II craze. Nope, not even when Sammi Cheng (a Hong Kong star) fronted the campaigns. Miracle water? All I left was red, itchy patches. I was shopping at the Singapore duty free (reportedly the cheapest in Asia) and fleeted to the SK-II counter just to take a look. Having used the Facial Clear Lotion (toner) before, I spotted this facial clear solution. It promises to “make oily skin less oily and make drier skin more moisturized”. I thought that it was pretty good when I tried it on. It feels a little watery and takes a little massaging for it to thoroughly absorb in. I even tried it on my arms and it left them smooth and moisturized. Having tried it on my face, it did make my skin less oily (especially the T-zone) and kept my dehydrated cheeks moisturized and made it glow. It’s got a “rare marine extract and pitera” in it. Get it for S$94 from Singapore Duty Free (about £30+)

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One comment

  1. I use this product too and love it.

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