Style Don’ts

April 19, 2007

I was walking to college the other day, and spotted soooo many awful stuff that people were wearing. It struck me that they actually think they look good in those outfits.

1. Leggings under denim mini is fine if you’re super skinny.
One of the awful girls in college, who’s like super huge, wore this one day to college. I swear that I wanted to dig my eyes out. It was hideous!

2. Cover up, please.
Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw from SATC, or VB circa 2005 World Cup season, or Lindsay Lohan, why the hell ARE YOU EXPOSING YOUR BRA? A very curvy Latvian girl in college wore a too-low top that exposed her ugly black bra. Yes, it did get a lot of stares, but of the wrong kind. At least wear pretty underwear!

3. Belly exposed? That’s so 1990s.
Bleh, especially if one has not only a muffin top but a cake top.

4. Hair should always be made-to-measure to fit your face shape.
I can’t emphasize how important it is to have hair that fits your face shape. The awful too-curvy girl in college straightened her hair, and now, it looks like she’s a china doll with lard pumped forcefully in.

5. For goodness sake, you’re not a hooker.
I know of this other girl who wears her 5″ patent red pumps to college. 5″ heels TO COLLEGE. My impression was “omg, SLUT”

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