Designer-“inspired” or whatever you call that

April 23, 2007

I have had enough of fake stuff. Walk along the sunny streets of Singapore, and you immediately spot those wannabe teenagers toting another “designer inspired” bag. “Designer inspired” is exactly the same as FAKE, even if one buys it from some “retail shop” like Forever21. There’s no difference in it for goodness sake. How many fake balenciaga work/first bags have you seen? Marc Jacobs Stam? Prada Gauffre? Fendi B. Bag? Squillions of them! And the thing about these teenagers in Singapore is that they just don’t accept that the their so-called designer-inspired bags are no different from fake bags. I hate fake bags. HATE HATE HATE it. The ignorance of these young things are just appalling.

I visited this livejournal community site once, and these girls and very few guys were posting pictures of themselves. And below each photograph, they state what they wear and how much it costs. For example, [PICTURE] Top-topshop, Jeans-topshop, Shoes-Aldo, Bag-designer inspired, etc.. It’s not about snobbery, it’s about having some sense of morals. Isn’t it very embarrassing to be carrying a fake bag? I’ve never owned anything fake before, and I have no intention of owning anything fake. This is also one of the reasons I don’t buy anything online (except for my leather conditioner). How can one be so proud of oneself carrying a fake bag? I have no idea how a person can do that. Honestly, it’s disgusting how you pay so much for a premium brand, only to find some awful creature on the street carrying the “same brand” but is “designer inspired”.

I must say that it’s not about me looking down on other people using high-street brands, I’m just saying that when it comes to bags – which is almost always faked – you don’t go and write proudly about your fake bag and post it online. It’s embarrassing and puts you in a bad light.

Tell me below about what you think about this so-called “designer inspired” thing.

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)



  1. Well…I don’t buy fakes but it’s not easy being a teenager. They just want to fit in so if they can get a lookalike Stam bag from Topshop and pretend it’s the same as Mischa Barton’s then of course that’s what they’ll do. They can only buy what’s available to them. no?

  2. Sure it’s okay to buy what’s available to them, but I rather them buy something of real design that is cheaper.. You know, I’ve got a friend who has a real stam, and everytime I see another fake stam, it just annoys the hell out of me. I must emphasise that it’s not about snobbery. =)

  3. Hi, found your site through TPF, and yes I agree with you 200%! Fakes are disgusting, “designer inspired” are just as disgusting. They are both just shameless copies of the real thing. I don’t see a different between them. I want to vomit everytime I see either one, and I always wonder how people can allow themselves to be seen in public with a fake or designer inspired bag. @_@;;

  4. i actually bought a fake bag once. it was such a bad fake it was incredible and i guess thats why i bought it . it was this really ugly gucci canvas messenger that, chances are, was never really produced. never bought anything fake other than that, but i know why people buy fakes. everyone wants to look like mischa barton or nicole richie but not everyone can afford the SGD 2000 price tag for a balenciaga bag or 3000 for a paddington. while i cringe when i see fake pads or lariat bags i also cringe if i see someone carrying the same bag i have and i guess it feels better if they’re fake cos then at least i can comfort myself with “well, they don’t have the EXACT bag i have.. since mine says ‘prada’ and not ‘paris'” i actually think that the really bad ones are those who try to pass of fake bags as real ones.

  5. Yeah I have designer inspired bags. I am currently looking for one ebay and I could care less about what you snobby ass people think. Not everyone in America or wherever you are can afford a $3,000 purse. Seeing as how you hate the fact that we have designer inspired stuff I guess you all want us to just wear Wal-Mart things…well thanks to these inspired things we can look just as cute as you for a fraction of the price. Stop being so snobby. I’m glad to see you only have 5 comments in all, that shows that not too many people have your egotistical views. Thank God.

  6. well said mechelle.

  7. btw, i am very sure ur parents pay for your designer crap. wait til u pay for it with ur own hard earned cash then u talk about other people in that way. I really don’t like you. I am a fellow singaporean btw.

  8. Then why bother coming here? So what if I’m able to afford expensive items? I don’t deserve any crucification because of that. And the fact that you support fake goods says a lot about you as a person.

  9. I admit to owning said “designer inspired” copy of the Marc Jacobs Stam. With that said, I do not try to pass it off as real. This bag is my favorite because of its functionality – roomy yet not overwhelming, and no zippers to fumble with or magnetic clasps to align, just a simple, one-handed kiss lock closure. An actual Stam retails for $1350 + 7% sales tax = $1444.50. I was not born into a life where I have that kind of money to throw around. I have yet to find a bag that is equal in function to the Stam, and I have no qualms about carrying a copy. Sure, it was probably made by young children in China, but at least they are in a factory sewing and not being sold into the sex industry. Let’s face it, there is no cure for poverty. I don’t get nauseated when I see ugly fakes (not all fakes are created equal), it only makes me appreciate more what I do have. That is their prerogative to carry such items. I have worked a number of jobs which has enabled me to sample a little designer luxury now and then. I remember in 2005 ordering my first designer bag – the Coach Scribble small hobo for $168 on coach.com and how special I felt when it arrived in the mail in a big, shiny brown box tied with a big red satin bow under the postal packaging. Today I own six Coach bags and five Juicy Couture bags among some other lesser brands – I like variety and I haven’t kept count. I am still in college and have no business owning a high fashion house handbag. For all you girls who have the money to spend, and for you who don’t but insist on doing so anyway: I won’t judge you for your choices. I also won’t feel sorry for you when you get “disgusted” by spotting a fake. If that’s what ruins your day, be thankful you have such an easy life.

  10. I like what you say, Gayle. I appreciate your comment. I don’t go all disgusted and feel like puking when I see a fake. I just don’t appreciate it. I think what you say is very fair. Thank you.

  11. Please don’t get on your high horse and cry “foul”. It’s hypocritical. That anyone charges $2000 and more for $50 worth of leather and metal is simply an absurd fact of life in the fashion industry. Young girls should not be spending their monthly salaries on fashion. They should be socking it away in savings and investments. I applaud them for buying what they can afford and not succumbing to the hype of “designer”. I can well afford designer–there is no one I want to impress enough to buy it.

  12. Well, I have to put in my two-cents. Why can’t one have both real and fake designer bags? Why is the way of discussing it always one way or the other? First off, I can afford and have many designer bags so you can be assured, I have choices. However, not all designer bags are equal in my eyes: there are some bags that although I think they are cute, I don’t think the high price tag can be justified. So, why not buy an inspired one at a fraction of the cost? It could be out of real leather and it could be of use in certain situations.

    Secondly, if one is so grossed out by people who wear fakes, let me ask “why”? There seems to be an underlying prejudice against people who do not buy designer as if you think you’re superior. And usually, those people who think they are better than others (and the outward symbolism extend from authentic handbags to authentic designer clothes, shoes, whatever) are usually those who are immature, who haven’t save enough as they should in their retirement plans or not in the market to buy a house. Let people be. Just because someone buys a fake bag doesn’t mean they deserve your wrath of blind hate. There may be a well meaning young person out there, going through medical residency or getting her ph.d. and of course on a budget. So, she doesn’t want to wear something from walmart or target, and to be realistic, stuff like juicy, mbmj, and coach can be a little boring after awhile. Why can’t she buy a fake Bal Office to tote her paperwork and not worry about getting it dirty? Where do you draw the line? Life is not black and white.

    Finally, why does it bother you that someone is embarrassing themselves by carrying and bragging about wearing an obvious fake? How does that have to do with morality? Do you mean to say that carrying a fake bag means the person is immoral? And you’re such a saint?

  13. Oh my god, get over yourself you silly little person, who the hell cares what you think….i think its great you can buy designer inspired bags…not all of us have daddys money to fall back on, or have a wealthy husband/boyfriend…at least i know i work dam hard for what i do, and if i wanna buy something that is fake i will, dont need some jumped up little muppet like yourself condemming what people like to spend their money on…but it wouldn’t suprise me your a brunette with a blonde hair dye, and plastic boobs…get over yourself!!!!!!!

  14. who cares if they have a fake bag? maybe they dont have alot of money, you sound stuck up and snobby

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