Haute Couture

April 26, 2007

Who, in the fashion worl, exactly are considered haute couturiers?? Only a tiny list do make it to the already-small, but shrinking list.
They are:
Adeline Andre
Christian Dior
Christian Lacroix
Dominique Sirop
Emanuel Ungaro
Franck Sorbier
Jeans-Louis Scherrer
Jean Paul Gaultier
(from Federation Francaise de la Couture)

There are designers who are invited to the couture shows. They include Valentino and Armani. A single dress that is considered to be haute couture takes about 300 hours of work, and costs roughly about $50,000. Yves Saint Laurent and Versace recently quit haute couture to focus on prêt-a-porter lines. However, ready-to-wear (RTW) designers such as Balenciaga use haute-design techniques like intricate seaming or origami folding.

It is known that far too many people/brands use couture too freely. Far too freely. Brands like Juicy Couture have nothing to do with couture even if they did come out with Couture Couture. No. Juicy Couture is NOT couture. Sweats do NOT amount to couture. Couture is used to frequently as an advertising technique as well. How many times have you walked into those departmental stores and see the word “Couture”, with rails of dresses hung behind it?

All those fancy dresses that come in many different sizes you see hanging along the rails of Harrod’s or Selfridges Superbrands are simply not couture. Those are RTW. Couture is made-to-measure. There are loads of fittings, and the hours put into making the dress is spectacular, like I stated above.

Anyway, next time you see the word “Couture”, make sure you remember that the “couture” you’re seeing isn’t exactly couture.


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  1. Amen…right on target….it is like comparing Paris to Jackie O

  2. Amen…right on target….it is like comparing Paris to Jackie O

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