Burberry – Beaton Patent Leather Bag

April 30, 2007

Photo Credit: Net-a-porter.com

I talked about Burberry’s Manor bag a little while back. I’ve been seeing this Beaton bag quite frequently when shopping, and thought that I should do a post on it. It’s got a ruched opening with silver hardware. There’s this belt like thing that straps over the top of the bag as seen. It’s got feet. Feet on bags are so important – they prevent that awful dirty look on the bottom of the bag which is very common. The inside of this bag is wonderful as well – black satin lining that is smooth to the touch. Christopher Bailey has done such a wonderful job of designing this lovely bag. It’s got quilting as well, but in a not-so-obvious fashion. I think they do have this in patent beige as well. £1095 from Burberry London.



  1. When did bags get this expensive?! A minute ago it was £500-£600, now it’s over a grand!

  2. I keep forgetting the british pound is like 2X the american dollar.

  3. Forgive me for saying, but that bag is absolutely orgasmic. And also wayyyy out of my price range. Haha. That’s why I rent!

  4. This handbags is amazing!But so expensive!

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