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May 30, 2007

Hey all you readers! I’m so sorry, but I’m going through my final exams at the moment, and the posts are a little scarce.. Sorry! But once the drought is over, it’ll definitely start rolling again!

Thanks to all the readers!!

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Bliss – Clog-dissolving Cleansing Milk

May 27, 2007


If clean, fresh, blackhead free skin is what you aim for, this cleanser is for you. This cleansing milk is non-foaming, and its special blend of oils effectively removes makeup, sebum, dirt and oil quickly. It has enzymes in it, and can be used as a 5 minute mask as well. Yesterday, I woke up with 3 zits, and I used this cleanser as a 5 minute mask in the morning and night (I use the sleeping peel at night)… after just 2 days (and 4 uses of the cleanser as a mask, and using the Dermalogica Medicated clearing gel), my zits have disappeared, and I’m now left with tiny bumps. I swear this helps as to reduce blackheads as well. This is definitely a winner in my book.

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Barielle Total Foot Care Cream

May 24, 2007


Summer is here, and open toed shoes are all the rage. The last thing you want is crusty, chapping feet. This is the best foot cream ever. It’s luxurious, conditioning formula helps to moisturize the feet and even removes calluses. It’s also very gentle, ‘cos it doesn’t have any peeling ingredients, acids or camphors. I’ve used this for quite a while, and one pot literally lasts for ages. Its baby-smelling fragrance is a plus, as I can apply it in the morning and come home with my feet still smelling wonderful!! (not that I’ve got awful smelling feet!!!)

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Prada Vitello Daino Pushlock

May 21, 2007

Credit: Neiman Marcus

Want a summer bag that will last for ages? Prada has done this gorgeous white pebble-finished calf leather with constrast topstitching. The stitching is fabulous and adds character to the bag. The signature lock closure is in silver, and makes the bag look even more summery. The gorgeous tassels and key pouch are removable, and it makes tha bag look even more interesting. As with past season’s collections from Prada, the front is pleated, and pulls the whole bag together.

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Browns Fashion – Summer is here!

May 20, 2007

Credit: Browns

While browsing the Browns site, the picture that greeted me was the picture above. The first thing that came to mind was that “Wow, this girl’s quite pretty, but at the same time, looks very very familar.”. Guess what? Actually, this girl’s one of the SAs in Browns at South Molton Street!! For the outfit on the left, she’s wearing a Grevi hat, carrying a Chloe bag and in flat Golden Goose boots. Those are Chloe high-waisted shorts in the middle, and that’s Diane Von Furstenberg green dress on the left.

I like Browns very much in that they bring in the most unusual designers and they’ve got such interesting pieces that come in from time to time. This applies to the men’s collections as well. I remember seeing this most peculiar suit from Lanvin that had a chain link in place of a button, and that was just outstanding.

For those who don’t take fashion too seriously, love to be unique, unusual and find a different selection of designers, head over to to shop. That said, they’ve got so much more stuff in-store than online, as always…


dVb jeans

May 17, 2007


Photos obviously from Kitson

With brand beckham being stronger than ever, will dVb denim rise up to the occassion? With the massive success of dVb eyewear, dVb denim is coming in strong. This line does not have the crown design featured in Rock&Republic. However, as seen in the pictures, it will feature a star sign and will feature a very subtle dVb logo. The fit looks fantastic, and the material looks comfortable. It’s quite obvious that this line is going to serve as a “wonderbra” for the butt as Victoria Beckham puts it. With Victoria’s eye for detail and innate fashion sense, it’s almost illegal to say that her jeans suck. I would say that the star logo might be a little much, but then again, it’s quite iconic, like the crown logo. Those stupid chain retail stores are obviously going to come up with their sutpid FAKES.. (I don’t care how one may call it “designer-inspired”, but WHATEVER!!!) Ok, do I think that these would make it good in the denim market? I do think so, although the star logo might take a little while for some to get used to. I agree that it looks super huge, but then again, the crown design on R&R took a little while to get used to as well.

I hope they come out with a men’s line. I’m bored of the jeans in the current jeans market.

Update: Before coming out with this brand, the boss of the jean company that was supposed to work with VB had a meeting with her. VB had wanted a meeting with the boss, but the boss refused to have “another star put [their] name on a product”. The boss of the company told VB that if she was serious in coming out with a denim range, she would have to fly to Winnipeg to conduct a meeting. VB then flew out from Madrid and had the meeting with the boss, and hence, the denim range came forth. I know there are several celebrities who just put their name on something just to make money or just for the sake of it, but there are some who are obviously interested in fashion, and literally go through every single detail, including going to the factory, choosing the rivets, the wash, the colour, etc.

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Beautifying yourself in public

May 15, 2007

What and what not to do in public? Yes or no to powder your nose?

I’m sure many have seen others beautifying themselves in public, but should it be so? I remember reading an article about French women, and what they leangths they would go to to prevent anyone from finding out what they do to look fabulous. For example, some French women will NEVER tell anyone which salon they went to to get their highlights, or what kind of moisturizer they use. I think one have to draw the line on what one can and cannot do in public.

Today, while in the bus that I jumped on to get to college, there was this middle-aged, plump and somewhat dowdy looking lady sitting diagonally from me. She started digging through her Hello Kitty bag (mind you, she’s 30+. Well, that’s what she looks like anyway..), and she whipped out this Boots No7 Nail polish bottle. It looked orangey red – not a pretty shade at all. I thought she had just bought it and wanted to look at the colour, but she started peeling off the plastic covering and I started to get suspicious. Was this woman going to paint her nails in public? Surely not! I mean, that’s just so uncouth! Anyway, back to this. She started by painting her left thumb nail, and then shut the bottle. Admiring her painted thumb nail, she then opened up the bottle to paint some the rest of her nails! Not only was the bus filled with that icky nail polish smell, this woman had no shame! I kind of laughed out loud when this guy his her arm by accident, thus causing her to paint some of the awful polish on the chair.

So, I think there should be several rules and guidelines to apply to beautifying oneself in public. What’s acceptable, and what isn’t? This is solely my opinion, and I’m just suggesting.

Powdering your nose or just whipping out the compact to check your face – as long as you’re not reapplying your foundation. I’ve seen this being done in the tube before, so don’t laugh!
Slick of lip gloss/balm is ok – but do this tastefully and please apply it WITHIN your lips. Once, I’ve seen this teenager apply fire engine RED lipstick, and smudged it on one side. Yes, she looked like the joker.
Blotting with a tissue – just make sure that no tissue pieces get stuck on your face.
Hand/cuticle cream.

What’s NOT acceptable…EVER!!!
Painting your nails.
Clipping/filing your nails. – This is just disgusting.
Reapplying your make-up – This includes eyeshadow, mascara, the works. I’ve seen this woman actually apply her make up in the tube. Laughable, really.
Blotting you face with face blotters. – Who the hell wants to see your oil? Bleh!

Tell me below on what you think is acceptable and unacceptable!

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