How to dress for your body shape, Part 1 – Curves

May 1, 2007

I know of loads of ladies who simply don’t dress according to their body shapes. I’m not an expert in this, but I do know about body shapes. There are a truckload of ladies who have got a curvy shape (UK size 14 onwards). How do you go from casual to chic? The most important things is about embracing your shape and stop hiding those curves. Fitted tops and wide legged trousers are very useful to emphasise the great curves and create that lusted-for hourglass look.

An example of an outfit one can try for the day around town is a chic smock top which hem hits just below the waist. Pair this with a pair of slightly boot legged jeans, heels and a nice bag, and it spells chic!

The thing about boot legged jeans on curvier women is that it should skim that thigh, and then go all the way down to the floor. Note that a too-tight pair of jeans will create a muffin top and is unsightly. The worst colour for curvy ladies is white and powder blue. The too-light wash of the jeans cause the illusion of a wide bottom, and that is something that no one would want to aim for, right? Skinny jeans are fine, BUT the jeans have to be of a dark wash AND the hem of the jeans should NOT be strangling the ankle.

Another wonderful outfit that DM actually picked out and wore was: a blue, slightly bubble smock top with puffy sleeves, a large black leather belt just below the bust, and black skinny jeans with heels and her YSL Muse. It was gorgeous, and showed that one can take a trend and make it work with one’s body shape.

Leggings are alomst a no-go for obvious reasons.

I know that the whole thick belt trend came in more than a year ago, and loads of curvy women wanted to work the trend. A word of caution. A thick wide belt placed at the hip will ACCENTUATE the hip area and make it wider than it should be. This accessory should be placed right under the bust to cinch in the waist. If, and only if, one wants to wear the belt near the hip, have one side of the belt sit higher than the other – this diagonally “cuts” the body, and makes the body look slimmer.

Trousers are wonderful at making one look slimmer and taller. Pin striped are undoubtedly the best. Always buy trousers that are 100% or have a silk/wool blend. Never buy trousers that have materials that are too clingy. If you iron your trousers, iron it in such a way that there is a line going down the entire leg. This gives the shape and illusion of a longer leg and instantly makes one taller. Again, never buy a pair that is too small or too big. Tailors are there for a reason.

I do know of some curvy women who absolutely LOVE to wear skirts. Tulle skirts are fabulous! Remember the 1940s prom dresses? The one with the super sweet top half and the full tulle skirt? Those work so well with curves and they create this chic look! Just don’t pair them with trainers like how potty-mouthed Lily Allen does. Vintage stores have loads of this, so do look out for it. A pencil skirt is insanely sexy as well. Just remember to allow the hem to hit right at the knee, and if you’ve got great calves, show them off and make them look tauter with 4 inch heels.

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