L’Occitane – Milk Shower Cream

May 6, 2007


Just last week, I finished up my every last drop of Kiehl’s Rose Water Body Wash and decided to try a new body wash with a yummy scent. Based on the reviews on beautysnob, I decided to try this L’Occitane product as I passed by the Garden Pharmacy in Covent Garden. This shower cream lives up to its name…it’s so moisturizing and creamy that I literally feel as though I’m showering in body cream. The scent is heavenly, and it ALWAYS makes my day, no matter what. Yes, it is pretty expensive for a shower cream, but it’s definitely worth it. The after feel and after experience of the shower is just unbelievable. No more stress and it leaves you smelling like a baby (without poop, of course).

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)



  1. How much is it? I like Ren but it’s too expensive (£18) and runs out quickly!

  2. It’s £12, I think. And the body moisturizer (Milk scent as well) is £17. =)

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