Louis Vuitton – Damier Azur Keepall 50

May 7, 2007


I’ve mentioned about the Damier Azur Keepall 45, but it doesn’t exist.. The SA at Harrods lied to me! Anyways, I bought this Damier Azur Keepall50 last Saturday at the Sloane Street store. I must admit that I didn’t know how to carry this supposedly-luggage piece for everyday use. When in the store, I was carrying my Balenciaga Extra Courier, and i thought “Hey, why not compare the size?“. I did, and it turned out that the Keepall 50 is almost the same size with the Extra Courier, except that the Balenciaga piece is made of distressed goat leather and doesn’t stand up when nothing is in it. The Keepall, however, stands up right without anything in it. I never really like the monogram, but this refreshing take on the Damier has struck a chord in my heart. This bag has got a luggage tag (which I will have it hot stamped), and the LV lock. It’s got lovely gold hardware, and makes the whole bag pop. I will use it for everyday, and I think I can pull it off with my height.. (I’m about 184cm)

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)



  1. Very nice… How much did it cost in London? Am considering comparing the price with the Paris ones…

  2. Hey Prada Prince! Nice to see you here.. I got it for £435. Tax refund is £44.

  3. Heh, thanks. Wait a minute, even though we’re here as students, can we still claim tax refunds back? Cos I’d love to get a VAT refund on my Balenciaga weekender…

  4. ^Erm, no..but you can always ask someone else to help you claim.. i.e. relatives, friends, etc. Or you can try your luck and just pretend you don’t know anything and just go claim!

  5. hey vogue!! i am thinking to buy damier azur keepall 50 too,but i wonder it is not too much big,is it?i am 185 cm

  6. Hi sweetprince. No, it’s actually the same size as my Alexander McQueen Novak Men’s bag. It looks big. I’m the same height as you, but I’ve got a pretty big build. So I look alright carrying it. Let me know if you’ve got any enquiries! Don’t mind posting some modelling pics too!

  7. I am in love with the Damier Azure collection. I went in recently to purchase the Damier Azure Speedy 35 but ordered a custom Monogram Speedy instead. I have a sick addiction with Louis Vuitton, I’d go to Rehab but none of the rehab facilities have a Vuitton near by.

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