Beauty from the inside

May 9, 2007

Credit: Google Images

I must admit that I have got my own weak days where I succumb to that gorgeous slice of chocolate cake or that super-sinful plate of roast meat at my favourite Hong Kong cafe. Ok, I don’t have the best body, in fact, I’m trying to get rid of the effing love handles that have been plaguing me. (I’m kind of hoping it’s baby fat…I hope that turning 18 this June will help)

I have a thing for fruit juice and fruit. My mum has been a strong advocator of drinking fruit juice. She once bought a super expensive, but clearly overpriced fruit juicer. There was claims that it helped retain the nutrients yada yada yada. I love fruit juice, but somehow, not just the plain, single juices. One of my favourite mixes is a mix of (green)Apple, Beetroot, Celery and Carrot. It’s doesn’t taste lovely, but this mix of fruit juice really does help with your bowel movements and clears everything in your system.

Pineapple juice is fabulous as well. It’s got papain, which is an enzyme. Claims that it helps clean out the inside of you have been made too. Actually, I prefer eating pineapple slices as I like the texture of it.

Eating all these fruit really do help in your skin. It clears out your insides, and purges out all that crap and toxins from your body. Why do we get breakouts? It’s because the body is purging toxins out of itself, and it has no other choice but purge from the skin out. Hence the awful breakouts.

And the best thing of all is that all this juice tastes fantastic as well. Naturally sweet, and it’s even better if it’s organic.

So let’s all get healthy, and look good, from the inside. =)

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  1. your post is helpful and informative. fruit juice works very well to keep us healthy, and it also refreshes our mind and keep us fit throughout the busy hours of the day. it’s very important to have fruit juice in the breakfast menu. Another thing to keep healthy is regular exercise, and to eat non fat food. Eating vegetables and fruits is important. if u r in diet, u have to avoid oily food and eat vegetable and fruits instead of junk foods and fast food like burgers, pizzas. the funny thing is we all plan to lose weights within weeks but actually it is pretty tough and the most important thing is to be obstinate.
    if a person is adamant that he/she has to reduce fat anyhow, then its very easy for them to it. thanks for the writing, keep it up.

  2. Another thing about beauty. Two very precious gift is our hair and teeth. These r the parts of beauty and health as well. We are often reluctant to take care of these.

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