Beautifying yourself in public

May 15, 2007

What and what not to do in public? Yes or no to powder your nose?

I’m sure many have seen others beautifying themselves in public, but should it be so? I remember reading an article about French women, and what they leangths they would go to to prevent anyone from finding out what they do to look fabulous. For example, some French women will NEVER tell anyone which salon they went to to get their highlights, or what kind of moisturizer they use. I think one have to draw the line on what one can and cannot do in public.

Today, while in the bus that I jumped on to get to college, there was this middle-aged, plump and somewhat dowdy looking lady sitting diagonally from me. She started digging through her Hello Kitty bag (mind you, she’s 30+. Well, that’s what she looks like anyway..), and she whipped out this Boots No7 Nail polish bottle. It looked orangey red – not a pretty shade at all. I thought she had just bought it and wanted to look at the colour, but she started peeling off the plastic covering and I started to get suspicious. Was this woman going to paint her nails in public? Surely not! I mean, that’s just so uncouth! Anyway, back to this. She started by painting her left thumb nail, and then shut the bottle. Admiring her painted thumb nail, she then opened up the bottle to paint some the rest of her nails! Not only was the bus filled with that icky nail polish smell, this woman had no shame! I kind of laughed out loud when this guy his her arm by accident, thus causing her to paint some of the awful polish on the chair.

So, I think there should be several rules and guidelines to apply to beautifying oneself in public. What’s acceptable, and what isn’t? This is solely my opinion, and I’m just suggesting.

Powdering your nose or just whipping out the compact to check your face – as long as you’re not reapplying your foundation. I’ve seen this being done in the tube before, so don’t laugh!
Slick of lip gloss/balm is ok – but do this tastefully and please apply it WITHIN your lips. Once, I’ve seen this teenager apply fire engine RED lipstick, and smudged it on one side. Yes, she looked like the joker.
Blotting with a tissue – just make sure that no tissue pieces get stuck on your face.
Hand/cuticle cream.

What’s NOT acceptable…EVER!!!
Painting your nails.
Clipping/filing your nails. – This is just disgusting.
Reapplying your make-up – This includes eyeshadow, mascara, the works. I’ve seen this woman actually apply her make up in the tube. Laughable, really.
Blotting you face with face blotters. – Who the hell wants to see your oil? Bleh!

Tell me below on what you think is acceptable and unacceptable!

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)



  1. eww..who clips their nails in public??

  2. Um…I once applied Touche Eclat while walking down the street! But I figured people are only going to get a glimpse as they pass it’s not like they HAVE to watch like they would if they were sitting opposite me. (Only did it once though…)

  3. Yes, totally agree with the whole oil blotting thing. Blot your oily nose in the restroom pls. >.

  4. I can understand smells bothering people but otherwise sir or madam if you don’ t like the show, watch something else please it’ s bad enough to live in an increasing police state not to have to endure stuck up stuffy thought police like the dribble above I mean why should anybody have to look at someone reading a news paper maybe reading is objectionable too specially religious books
    who tell you what to do or else !

  5. how people that stuck up can even use a public toilet is beyond me, evil is in the eye of the beholder it’ s not what you do but how you do it

  6. how people that stuck up can even use a public toilet is beyond me, evil is in the eye of the beholder it’ s not what you do but how you do it
    that counts

  7. what’ s not acceptable is people who do not mind their own buisness and want to dictate others how to behave when these others are minding their own buisness not telling you what to do, that is fascism

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