dVb jeans

May 17, 2007


Photos obviously from Kitson

With brand beckham being stronger than ever, will dVb denim rise up to the occassion? With the massive success of dVb eyewear, dVb denim is coming in strong. This line does not have the crown design featured in Rock&Republic. However, as seen in the pictures, it will feature a star sign and will feature a very subtle dVb logo. The fit looks fantastic, and the material looks comfortable. It’s quite obvious that this line is going to serve as a “wonderbra” for the butt as Victoria Beckham puts it. With Victoria’s eye for detail and innate fashion sense, it’s almost illegal to say that her jeans suck. I would say that the star logo might be a little much, but then again, it’s quite iconic, like the crown logo. Those stupid chain retail stores are obviously going to come up with their sutpid FAKES.. (I don’t care how one may call it “designer-inspired”, but WHATEVER!!!) Ok, do I think that these would make it good in the denim market? I do think so, although the star logo might take a little while for some to get used to. I agree that it looks super huge, but then again, the crown design on R&R took a little while to get used to as well.

I hope they come out with a men’s line. I’m bored of the jeans in the current jeans market.

Update: Before coming out with this brand, the boss of the jean company that was supposed to work with VB had a meeting with her. VB had wanted a meeting with the boss, but the boss refused to have “another star put [their] name on a product”. The boss of the company told VB that if she was serious in coming out with a denim range, she would have to fly to Winnipeg to conduct a meeting. VB then flew out from Madrid and had the meeting with the boss, and hence, the denim range came forth. I know there are several celebrities who just put their name on something just to make money or just for the sake of it, but there are some who are obviously interested in fashion, and literally go through every single detail, including going to the factory, choosing the rivets, the wash, the colour, etc.

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  1. I kind of find it hard to take anything V B does seriously.

  2. Sorry… I think they’re butt-ugly.

  3. Can’t bear VB. What’s different about these jeans compared to any other skinny jeans? Wonderbra for the butt? My arse.

  4. the star logo is hideous. Celebrities making money by creating labels.. it’s odious. Just because one can dress well doesnt mean one has the calibre to create art. It’s sad to be reminded that it’s “just business” when the creation of art is fuelled by monetary incentives. When there’s no passion, there’s simply no respect for fashion.

  5. Well said Alex!

  6. These jeans are going to be the next hot thing. I love the star design because it is unique. I bet you these jeans are going to go flying off the shelves, and nothing is wrong with celebs starting there own fashion lines if they are good at it, like Victoria. She knows what she is doing, and if you were put in the position Alex, you’d want to bank off of it too.

  7. wats all yor guys problem?!!!!

    have you even tride the jeans on?!!!

    there the most comfortable jeans in the world!!!

    o btw i like the star!!!

    this is to all you haters!! sippin on that haterade!!!

  8. I just bought a pair of grey skinny jeans from dvb and I have to agree with Posh fan!Yes indeed there are really comfy, excellent quality denim and the fit is amazing 😀

  9. Hi some one help Please, I have just purchased a pair of the vb star jeans and they tick all the right boxes but say made in China???

    What help???

  10. ive never tried the jeans on. But i do know one thing, because so many celebs are coming out with clothing lines it’s hard to take someone like VB’s clothing line seriously even though she has more talent than those ‘celebrities/designers’ combined. I read her book That Extra Half An Inch and it’s filled with fashion tips, believe it or not, VB should’ve been a designer. Hands down.
    I would not spend a couple hundred on celebrity brands even though I love VB. But I think that if the world really sees who has talent and who doesn’t, things will be alot different.
    VB does have a great eye for fashion, and btw, if you think the star is ugly haters, try and wear Paris Hilton’s fashion line called, what else? “Paris Hilton”. Then we’ll see if you throw up or not.

  11. please SOMEONE tell me where to buy dvb jeans!!!!!

  12. I know this thred is a bit old but couldnt help but add to it, i have at least 5 pairs of VB jeans and honestly they are well worth every cent, if your into jeans which i am then you will spend the money on them, if your not then just dont, rather than go on and make stupid comment insulting such a talented person that just happens to be in the puplic eye, we should salute her for putting up with reading such crap about herself, dont know how she does it, she gets my vote any day. i admire her. well done vb keep up the good work!

  13. sometimes skinny jeans are not comfortable to wear, i would always prefer to use loos jeans “,~

  14. I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site?

  15. […] Dvb Jeans: The fit looks fantastic, and the material looks comfortable. [Source] […]

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