Hermes black box double tour bracelet

June 16, 2007


Finally, I’ve bought an Hermes bracelet! This is in box leather, which means that it’s going to be awfully scratched up with use. However, I’m glad I bought this because it fits my wrist (a first, because it’s long enough. I liked the other double tour ones, but they were far too small.). Also, the leather is so soft and feels like a dream! Hopefully, the bracelet in white epsom leather. Gorgoues!!

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)



  1. It’s gorgeous, you will never want to take it off! Is that a present to yourself for doing all your exams?

  2. Erm, not really. I’m still in the midst of exams… =(

  3. You should wear two on the same wrist and have them overlap with each other. If anyone asks, tell them they’re two snakes having sex.

    There’s nothing like soft, luscious leather!

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