Dermalogica Prescription Facial

June 22, 2007

Credit: dermalogica.com

You all know how I like Dermalogica and their no-nonsense approach to skin care and the simple fact that their skin care products are effective. I had the Groom Dermalogica Facial at Groom London. The facial lasted for 45minutes, and the beauty therapist was fantastic. The facial started with a double cleanse with steam, and then the beauty therapist conducted the Dermalogica Face Mapping – this meant that she examined every single pore in my face and told me about the concerns of my skin. Then, she scrubbed, and massaged all those potions into my skin. The massage was heavenly, and I even loved the extractions! Right, I’m a little sadist – I like extractions and I like the pain. The beauty therapist made sure every single whitehead and blackhead was squeezed out of my face and left it congestion-free. A mask was smothered on with different ampoules and more potions were smoothed on. The steam machine was switched on to get those stuff into the deeper layers of the skin.

Overall feel: Very clean skin, very smooth, congestion-free and my skin was glowing even thoguh it was a little red due to the extractions. Nontheless, my skin was left with a glow and has never felt so fantastic. I will recommend this to anyone who has little time to spare, but just want to get super clean skin.

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One comment

  1. I got a facial once…except they used these tiny needles and it hurt like hell.

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