Hermes Black Enamel Clic Clac

June 24, 2007


I cannot tell you how addictive Hermes is. I’ve been waiting for this bracelet for ages, and saw it at the Harrod’s store yesterday. I immediately put my name down to reserve it, and picked it up today. I find that Black + Silver looks better than Black + Gold… I really like this for it’s clean, sleek look. Yes, the H may be a little showy, but then again, only those well-versed in Hermes or fashion can spot it, right? 😉

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)



  1. They might just think it stands for your name. HER-meez!

    How much are H bracelets in the UK?

  2. Hahha! I got this one for £275. There’s VAT refund though..

    P.S I love all your comments! Keep it coming!

  3. this is beyond classic! very nice…

  4. I ❤ HERMES… !!….i have the thick orange one…!!…ITS AWSOME… !!….BTW urs is nice 2 !

  5. How much is the bracelet in dollar $?

  6. in US $ it’s about.. 600.00 Or, At least it was when I bought mine.
    I adore it!!

  7. cool…H bracelet is always awesome
    i like too, but its very expensive here in my place
    i need to save the money first, heheheheh

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