Different countries, different looks

July 10, 2007

It is apparent that different countries have different ‘looks’… Barcelona was all about the natural glowing skin with nude eyes and nude lips. Barcelona was fantastic – very sunny, clear blue skies and great fresh seafood. The fact that Barcelona has an unlimited supply of sunshine means that almost everyone is tanned, no matter how much SPF they slather on. I had a minimum of SPF40 everyday, and I still got very tanned. Almost all the girls sported a light tan, nude make up and natural unstructured hair. Comparing that with Singapore, it makes me think that Singaporeans are too lazy to dress up and put on a decent amount of make up.

The water in Barcelona is hard water, and has got loads of minerals in it. It made me break out pretty bad. What happens is that when the water dries on your skin, it leaves tiny mineral crystals that clog the pores…and thus, you get break outs. Very very annoying, if you ask me. What I did was to rinse my face with mineral water, which provides an explanation for the rapidly disappearing drinking water supply in our rented apartment.

All in all, Barcelona’s beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone who is intending to go for a European holiday!

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