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Carita Nutri-Repairing Radiance Hair Mask

August 29, 2007


I am officially crowning this hair mask the best mask ever. Yes, even more so than my oh-so-beloved Kerastase and Alterna hair masks (even though they’re still in my repertoire). This hair mask is formulated for dry or very dry or damaged hair. What it does is that it adds in loads of essential minerals into the hair and makes it as good as new. It’s got microcapsules of essential minerals that beautify the hair, giving it strength, vitality and energy while preserving its natural shine. Also, it has nutri-repair complex (ceramides, rice milk & wild mango butter extract) to help tighten the scales of the hair cuticle and helps to fill in fissures in the hydrolipid film, which protects the hair from dehydration. Sweet almond extract smoothes the hair and restores its softness and shine; honey extract and pro-vitamin B5 soften and help to soothe dry scalps.

This hair mask is rich and silky, and you simply have to slop a little of it all over your hair after shampooing (I like my Alterna Caviar shampoo), and leave it for a little while (I usually leave it for about 10 minutes. Just rinse off after 10minutes, and your hair will be as smooth as a, er, I don’t know – silk? Yes, ok. Silk. Your hair will be as smooth as silk.

Be good and go get this!! (even though this is like the most expensive hair mask ever – 3 times the Kerastase one!!)


Fall 2007 Fashion

August 28, 2007

There are 10 key pieces for each season, and this fall, it is no exception.

1. The cape: a new triangular silhouette updates the silhouette and don’t forget to balance this volumous top with skinny trousers and chunky heels. Look at this cape from Jil Sander. It’s refreshing and exudes a ‘darth vader’ kinda look.

2. Super wide belts: double or triple buckled belts pull in the entire waist to give that gorgeous hourglass figure. It’s super flattering to the body, and you can wear it over a dress or a fantastic trench coat.
This belt is from Burberry Prorsum – love their collections this year.

3. A belted tunic: I think these were seen at Marni or Miu Miu. Anyways, a belted tunic can be worn over a slim fitted pencil skirt with knitted stockings and the new Prada curved patent shoes will look fierce. Also, you can wear a tunic over a turtleneck will look great too.

4. Trousers are so in this season. High waisted, slouchy, widelegged trousers are great with a slim fitted men’s shirt and chunky heels or oxfords. Another alternative is a tailored pair, which will look great with a a feminine, dressy shirt and stilletos.

5. Hats, hats, hats! Remember my post on the Lanvin hat that I bought while I was in Melbourne? Yes, it’s official: hats are in this season! They were all over the runway, from Hermes to Marc Jacobs, everyone was hat-ted.

6. Textures. Quilting was featured in so many collections, from jackets to trench coats and even patent quilted gloves that go up to the elbow (as seen in Burberry Prorsum)

7. Patent everything. Enough said.

8. Evening tanks, dresses or knits look fabulous, especially with bronze or matte silver sequins. Tres chic!

9. Pencil skirts will be worn by everyone with opague tights and oxford heels (see YSL)

10. Turtlenecks are sexy, especially the thin cashmere ones. Make sure they’re of the best quality.


A peek into my life

August 21, 2007

A little while back, a friend asked me to do this little questionaire. Just for my darling readers, I shall.

Describe your style. Sleek, modern and edgy.
Who rules in your closet? Calvin Klein – timeless pieces that one can wear all year round.
What’s in your bag? iPod, Prada coin case, Prada Lizard Skin wallet, Hermes Agenda, cellphone, dVb sunglasses.
Best bargain? Pair of Pierre Hardy calfskin leather boots.
Good-luck charms? Hermes leather/palladium ring – been wearing it everyday since I bought it.
Whose closet would you like to raid? Jude Law and David Beckham.
Signature scent Dior Higher Energy
What are you wearing now? Marc by Marc Jacobs cream T-shirt with ties, black denim skinny jeans by Miu Miu and Pierre Hardy boots.
First big fashion purchase? Violet Burberry trenchcoat
Signature accessory Hermes enamel/palladium clic clac bracelet, leather watch and Hermes ring, dVb sunglasses

Bag pick of the year Prada Jacquard Logo bag, Balenciaga Extra Courier, YSL Croc embossed Downtown/Tribute (for the ladies), Hermes lindy (ladies!), Valentino pleated leather bag in red (ladies!)

Product you can’t live without Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Oil-free Moisturizer, sunscreen.

Summer signature outfit? I love wearing those city shorts (shorts that are made of formal trousers material) with cuffs, black patent sandals and a simple, one-coloured T-shirt.

Fall/Winter signature outfit? Bomber jacket with straight cut jeans or a trench coat with skinny jeans.

Most coveted labels Lanvin, Hermes, Prada.

Basically, I don’t like to wear clothes that are too loud or are too in-your-face. The occasional loud tees are alright, but I only limit it to clubbing nights-out. Clothes that spell out the designer name is just too flashy – something that I dislike. Accessories pull any look together, but as a rule of thumb, keep it simple. Sunglasses also add to any outfit – aviators are always in style, oversized shades glam it up, and, retro visors bring back some fun from the 80s too. For shoes, I’ve got a nice collection of different colours and styles. Flip flops are casual, but looks great with jeans. I love boots worn with jeans or even formal trousers, and mocassins or boat shoes look fabulous with both jeans/trousers or shorts. It’s a pity that Singapore doesn’t have 4 seasons, and now that I’m stuck here for 2 years, all my jackets are going to be retired into the closet. Jackets are so great ‘cos you can wear a vintage T-shirt underneath, but still look sharp with the jacket over the tee.


Diamond Slough Facial

August 19, 2007

I just had a diamond slough facial today..and I absolutely love it! I’ve been doing diamond slough facials quite frequently whenever I’m back in Singapore.

Note: Diamond slough = microdermabasion

The facial starts off with the therapist conducting a stress relief treatment which involves an in-house blend of essential oils. Then comes the double cleansing and then the main microdermabasion treatment. This treatment involves a diamond coated device which is smoothed over the skin and has a vacuum to literally suck up the dead skin cells and skin debris. This helps to refine fine lines, stimulate collagen production, lighten pigmentation/acne scars and even your skin tone.

Conclusion: My skin was left clear and peachy. This is very highly recommended!!



August 10, 2007

Ok, it sounds funny. But according to a local magazine, one can tell how a man is like in bed by checking his choice of underwear.
Here’s what they said in the article:

Briefs (Editor’s note: I don’t know if this is true or not. I’m a brief person. CK underwear only.)
He’s an initiator, not an imitator
Its ultra-snug fit highlights every unflattering bulge so it takes a self-assured man to be seen in his briefs. IN bed, the same confidence means he’ll take the initiative – no second-guessing if your man is in the mood. His athleticism shows that he has the stamina to go the distance in the sack.

Thongs (Editor’s note: Ok, any man who wears a thong wouldn’t be straight, no?)
He’s a thriller, not a giver
The bravest and most adventurous, the thong man is a serial thrill-seeker. He’s ever ready to try out 101 positions of the Kama Sutra and certainly has no lack of imagination. Opting for vanity over comfort makes him a quintessential metrosexual so it means you have to look good to keep him keen in bed. (Editor’s note again: Rubbish.)

Boxers (Editor’s note: AHEM. )
He’s a pleaser, not a teaser
Boxers hide much of the thighs, hips and bottom but it’s also loose-fitting and comfortable. It reflects a man who’s conservative but comfortable in his own ways. On the bright side, his easy-going nature means he’s willing to play along. But you’d have to jump on him first to get his attention. (Editor’s note: A ‘friend’ wears boxers, but he’s like, pretty insecure. And I’m not sure if he’s easy-going or ‘willing to play along’)

Nothing (Editor’s note: Oh gosh, let’s welcome the male version of Paris Hilton)
He’s a commander, not a follower
Most provocative and also the most fastidious, such men don’t like to follow the norm and have strong attitudes on how they want to live their lives. Unfortunately he’s also not one to spring surprises. Because once the pants come off, nothing is left to the imagination. Since he has a rebellious streak, be prepared for him to do exactly as he pleases in between the sheets like farting. (Editor’s note: NO ONE I know doesn’t wear underwear. I think that wearing underwear is the MOST fundamental of any outfit, no?)

Haha. I hope you had a good laugh like I had.

Btw, Calvin Klein underwear (Pro Stretch and Pro Mesh) is THE BEST. The most comfortable and no matter how much you bang it in the washing machine, it doesn’t lose its shape.


Lanvin – Military Cap

August 9, 2007


I love Lanvin. Alber Elbaz does all these beautiful clothes that’s often popping up in magazines, and sometimes, I just wonder where he gets all his ideas from. Magazine editors love his understated glamour and his clothes are always sold out, although they do seem under the radar.

While I was holidaying in Melbourne, I popped by Marais (a quaint little boutique in the city) and spotted a Lanvin military cap. I tried it on, and it fit perfectly, although it might be a tad too big. It’s made of silk and linen, so the finish of the cap is slightly shiny – in the most subtle way possible. Worn with oversized aviators, the combination exude that mysterious air.

I must admit that I love military caps, and have had quite a difficult time finding good and nice ones. This Lanvin one is both of superb quality and is right on trend. If you view Lanvin’s Fall 2007 Men’s collection, you’ll see that Alber put almost all his models in the military cap; also, the picture on the right features Lanvin’s Spring 2007 collection’s key look- with the military cap as well. Worn either slouchy or twisted (in an eccentric way) or plain upright, they just look so right. Look at the picture above..doesn’t the model exude that eccentric and glamourous air? I would totally wear that look, minus that hot pink high tops, obviously..but I’ll subsitute those high tops with my gorgeous new black calfskin Pierre Hardy boots.

The Lanvin cap that I bought is the navy one that the smiling model is wearing with the suit. Although I probably won’t be wearing a suit any time soon yet, I’ve integrated this cap into some outfits that will work nicely for summer. Just remind me that it’s NOT a good idea to wear such an expensive cap to the clubs.



August 4, 2007

Ok, I’m so sorry for being MIA.. What I wanna talk about is about jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans!

I just came back from Melbourne, and Australia (like USA) is fantastic at doing jeans. The 2 brands that I really do love are Nudie and Ksubi (used to be known as Tsubi). Jeans are just so versatile – you can dress it up with a great shirt and boots or dress it down with sandals or flip flops and a T-shirt.

I discovered these 2 great jean brands when I was in Melbourne, and I must say that these 2 brands of jeans are really fantastic. Nudie is an all-jeans brand that does all these fabulous jeans that come in a range of cuts, washes and fits. They range from straight cut to boot cut to skinny and even high waisted. The Nudie logo is a simple, yet effective – just 4 lines twisting aout on each back pocket.

Ksubi does apparel as well as jeans. Their stuff are very street-chic looking. Celeb fans include Ashley Olsen and Victoria Beckham (remember those electric blue jeans that they wore?). Ksubi jeans are easily identified by crosses on the leg or the waistband.

Enough said…go get yourself some Ksubis and Nudies!!!