August 4, 2007

Ok, I’m so sorry for being MIA.. What I wanna talk about is about jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans!

I just came back from Melbourne, and Australia (like USA) is fantastic at doing jeans. The 2 brands that I really do love are Nudie and Ksubi (used to be known as Tsubi). Jeans are just so versatile – you can dress it up with a great shirt and boots or dress it down with sandals or flip flops and a T-shirt.

I discovered these 2 great jean brands when I was in Melbourne, and I must say that these 2 brands of jeans are really fantastic. Nudie is an all-jeans brand that does all these fabulous jeans that come in a range of cuts, washes and fits. They range from straight cut to boot cut to skinny and even high waisted. The Nudie logo is a simple, yet effective – just 4 lines twisting aout on each back pocket.

Ksubi does apparel as well as jeans. Their stuff are very street-chic looking. Celeb fans include Ashley Olsen and Victoria Beckham (remember those electric blue jeans that they wore?). Ksubi jeans are easily identified by crosses on the leg or the waistband.

Enough said…go get yourself some Ksubis and Nudies!!!


One comment

  1. I love Nudie. they’re actually Swedish but were on sale in the UK for a while. I wear their Super Slim Kims but at the moment you can only get mens Nudies here (WHY???). I have ordered some from an Australian website but they’re not in stock yet 😦

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