Lab Series Outdoor Skin Defense Spray SPF30

September 7, 2007

(There isn’t a pic of it)

I need an easy way of applying sunscreen since I’m going to be enlisted into the army next Thursday. This takes exactly 3 seconds to apply (3 squirts and I’m done!). It’s colourless, oil-free and most importantly, it’s non-acnegenic. What’s most important is that it’s water-resistant, sweat-resistant and is able to shield the skin from UVA/UVB rays and free radicals to help prevent premature aging (including fine lines and dark spots!). It’s also pretty nourishing with vitamins and antioxidants in it. it doesn’t smell awful, so that’s a plus as well. Love this new product. So easy to apply!!!


One comment

  1. Most sunscreens claim to be non-greasy, non-shiny and hypoallergenic but in reality are totally and utterly greasy and shiny when applied and start to irritate (my skin) if used every day.

    This is the best face sunscreen I’ve come across, and I’ve tried lots. Its easy to apply and while it takes a few minutes to be absorbed, is actually non-greasy, and non-shiny!! It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing sunscreen and after a month of use, there’s no irritation.

    Thank you so much for this product. I spend most of my time in the office but live in a very hot sunny place and am out in the sun daily with work. This product is pretty much invisible and protects from the sun. It’s perfect.

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