MAC Cleansing Wipes

September 9, 2007


Stuck in the car or office or gym and have a full face of grease you can’t wait to wash off, and you don’t have any cleanser around? This is definitely for you. It’s huge (so it’s value for money!), very refreshing, and is super saturated! This has got some vitamin E infused in it, so that prevents your skin from drying out too much. A lot of those lousier, crappier cleansing wipes have got too much toner in it, and that dries your skin out. This is great. Make up slides right off, dirt and grease get zapped away, and your skin is left glowy and smooth! Also, the fact that it’s resealable means that it won’t dry out so easily. Yes, a lot of those wipes dry out even though the seal is on – very annoying. This doesn’t dry out, and is my staple for the gym and flights.


One comment

  1. Aren’t these great?? I would get so annoyed when I would go to use one of the “other wipes” and they would be all dried out…total waste of money. I have tried just about every makeup wipe and this one wins hands down.

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