Balenciaga Giant Sphere

October 27, 2007

Pic Credit: bagsnob.com

When I saw this bag on my favourite bagsnob site, I just couldn’t NOT blog about this bag. Yes, it’s round, and it’s got the distressed leather with the whole stud-sy thing going on again. The black one looks half-decent, and the green looks so blah, no one would give a hoot about this. I doubt the success of this bag, and secretly, I’m hoping that it won’t be..can you imagine the crazy amounts of fakes/imitations there would be?! This bag looks almost annoying, but still feels a little interesting. Round bags are like totally useless, no? How on earth would you be able to find things in this round bag? Every damn thing is gonna fall to the bottom of it, and it’ll sag…and we all know how Balenciagas are with sagging. Fine. Kudos to the new take on the shape, but there’s still loads for improvement in the design department.



  1. I LOVE it I was searching for it when I found your blog. I see it at handbag outpost, anyone know if their bags are authntic or not? I want one just nor sure of color yet, if anyone knows where to get one for cheap authentic please contact me and check out my authentic gucci, its real its all i sell

  2. i think very well of this bag, in fact, the pictures don’t do them justice. The bag is gorgeous in real and it gets better over usage, the more it sags at all round the corners, it just gets better and better. Predictions proven to be wrong. Usage proves louder than any prediction based on pure picture evaluations and guess. Anyway, thank you for your earlier comments about how the Sphere will work out. Even if you like to find a Sphere today, it may not come that easily. Its all close to sold out status. And the leather on it is divine. In addition, it is very unique and not norm. So well, sometimes initial skepticism can turn out to be a real hunt for people trying to look out for it now. Just my 2 cents worth, so that in future you will consider all factors.

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