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MAC Blot Powder

January 29, 2008

m530_261.jpgcredit: maccosmetics.comThis blot powder (mine’s medium dark) is not only like it’s colourless, it helps to suck up extra oil and sebum! This doesn’t add any extra colour or texture at all. What helps to soak up the extra oils is mica and silica. The puff that comes with it isn’t that fantastic and I much rather apply this with a huge brush from Shu Uemura.Simply sweep this all over your face to keep your facial shine at bay!! You would have to touch up throughout the day though.  


Victoria Beckham’s Purple Ostrich Birkin

January 24, 2008

Check out Victoria Beckham’s fabulous looking Hermes Birkin in Purple (maybe violine or raisin) Ostrich. We all know how difficult it is to get a Birkin, what more a purple ostrich one! It’s a great exotic and a great quirky colour that looks absolutely posh. Pun intended.
All of these 3 fabulous looking women look so different. Let me disect their style!
Dita von Tesse: Obviously the fairest of them all (skin colour wise, of course), and her navy blue moon dress by the designer himself really stands out. I love how she’s carrying a book-like clutch and accessorizing with a great cocktail ring, a brooch and louboutins.
Claudia Schiffer: Clearly the tallest of them all. Her look is just so quirky!! That smile, that tousled blonde hair, the leopard print YSL belt and clutch, and that gold bracelet and shoes just look so together! Note how her skirt is the same one as Victoria Beckham’s, only in a different colour and not a dress.
Victoria Beckham: As usual, looking posh and dressed to the nines. Her fur (most probably faux) looks great with the Roland Mouret dress she’s donning, and doesn’t she look great and just like a snow bunny with her trademark tan? Girl has also matched her purple Birkin with violet Louboutins. The dress looks great on her figure as it fits well and looks great!
These 3 were undoubtedly the most stylish and fashionable for Paris Fashion Week! 


January 23, 2008

  I’m sad to share with you guys that Heath Ledger, the star of Brokeback Mountain and the upcoming Batman movie has passed away. :(This is extremely sad news as he was a great person and actor. What a loss.   


: )

January 21, 2008

My sister just gave me a great trio pack of MAC products today as an early Birthday present as she’s heading back to Perth end of Feb. I got the Blot powder, blotting paper and strobe cream. As you might already tell, I’ve got pretty oily skin! And the great thing is that the MAC lady told her to get the blot powder as it’s just as effective or even more effective than any oil control lotion.I can’t wait to try these products out and review them for you guys!


Clarins – Total Whitening Essence

January 13, 2008

v_914.jpg Want crystal clear skin? This, my friends, is one of the best in the over-flooded whitening products market. What this does is that it makes the skin even and clear, lightening whatever awful pigmentation and making them virtually invisible. This slows down the excessive transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes (the synthesis of melanin), the multiplication of melanocytes (the horror!), development of factors that trigger hyperpigmentation. This also stimulates cell renewal, blood and lymphatic drainage, improves the quality of collagen fibres, neutralizes free radicals and protects capillary walls.  I love this product as everything it promises, it delivers. The texture is a light cream that doesn’t feel greasy at all, and it smells so good!! Also, this helped my skin look clear even with the breakouts I’ve been getting (I’m prone to scarring). I’ve finished my first bottle, and haven’t used this in a while, but with the scarring, I think it’s time to get this and get back my clear skin!! 


MAC Strobe Cream

January 13, 2008

m6he_261.jpg Everybody wants that model-like glowy skin seen on magazines, catwalks and editorials, but how exactly do us, normal people, get it without the help of photoshop? MAC’s Strobe Cream does just that. This has got special botanicals in it, vitamins, green tea, antioxidats and iridescent particles. The shimmery particles brightens the skin and makes the skin look 3D. All of the vitamins and botanicals help de-stress and freshen up dull and tired-looking skin.What’s so great about this product is that you don’t need much (really, a little will do) to achieve a nice, glowy complexion. On days when I can’t be bothered to even wear tinted moisturizer, which is most of the days, I just slap this on after my moisturizer in the morning (followed by sunscreen, of course), and dab on concealer on wherever needed. This strobe cream makes your skin look great in all types of lighting – even the harshest office lighting which does nothing for your skin. $56 at all MAC Counters Singapore. 


ModelCo Tan Airbrush in a Can

January 5, 2008

modelcotaninacan.jpgFeeling the winter blues? I’m in sunny, tropical Singapore experiencing super hot weather, so I’ve got none of the winter blues. Anyways, why not lift your spirits with a little can-aided tan? I remember when I was in London when it was winter, I had this light golden tan that made me smile every time I looked into the mirror. This self-tan comes out to be a pretty dark tint and when you spray it, using the 360degrees nozzle, you have to smooth it out. It takes a little effort to make sure that you get it even. This self tanner smells like vanilla, but develops into a little odd scent after. The result after you coat yourself – LIGHTLY – with this self-tan is fabulous, even before the real tan itself develops.  This really leaves your skin with a very natural looking golden-brown tan that looks perfectly natural. None of that orange oompa-loompa thing going on. Also, the tint is not so dark that it will leave your skin streaky and will definitely not make you look like you’ve got a skin disease of some sort. This is by far one of the best self-tans in the world. That said, I also love Clarins Liquid Bronze. These 2 are my favourites.