ModelCo Tan Airbrush in a Can

January 5, 2008

modelcotaninacan.jpgFeeling the winter blues? I’m in sunny, tropical Singapore experiencing super hot weather, so I’ve got none of the winter blues. Anyways, why not lift your spirits with a little can-aided tan? I remember when I was in London when it was winter, I had this light golden tan that made me smile every time I looked into the mirror. This self-tan comes out to be a pretty dark tint and when you spray it, using the 360degrees nozzle, you have to smooth it out. It takes a little effort to make sure that you get it even. This self tanner smells like vanilla, but develops into a little odd scent after. The result after you coat yourself – LIGHTLY – with this self-tan is fabulous, even before the real tan itself develops.  This really leaves your skin with a very natural looking golden-brown tan that looks perfectly natural. None of that orange oompa-loompa thing going on. Also, the tint is not so dark that it will leave your skin streaky and will definitely not make you look like you’ve got a skin disease of some sort. This is by far one of the best self-tans in the world. That said, I also love Clarins Liquid Bronze. These 2 are my favourites.


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