MAC Strobe Cream

January 13, 2008

m6he_261.jpg Everybody wants that model-like glowy skin seen on magazines, catwalks and editorials, but how exactly do us, normal people, get it without the help of photoshop? MAC’s Strobe Cream does just that. This has got special botanicals in it, vitamins, green tea, antioxidats and iridescent particles. The shimmery particles brightens the skin and makes the skin look 3D. All of the vitamins and botanicals help de-stress and freshen up dull and tired-looking skin.What’s so great about this product is that you don’t need much (really, a little will do) to achieve a nice, glowy complexion. On days when I can’t be bothered to even wear tinted moisturizer, which is most of the days, I just slap this on after my moisturizer in the morning (followed by sunscreen, of course), and dab on concealer on wherever needed. This strobe cream makes your skin look great in all types of lighting – even the harshest office lighting which does nothing for your skin. $56 at all MAC Counters Singapore. 


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