Fall ’08 Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere

February 29, 2008

Heading a brand of rich history is no easy feat. Nicolas has done an amazing job for his Fall/Winter ’08 collection. What had resulted in this beautiful collection was a fusion and an entirely new take on the silhouette. Hips were given to the stick-thin models (love them!), and jackets with huge sleeves with a fitted end were added in.  What was apparent in this collection was the wonderful use of super shiny materials like plastic and mixing it into the garments, resulting in an interesting mix of a visual treat. Skirts had super high slits, and this added some sexiness into the collection. The most interesting look definitely has to be the velvet and taffeta draped tops that were refreshing (in a few colours) and looked so great with those skinny gray pants. Of course, who can forget the beautiful shoes? One cannot look through this collection without realizing the fabulous jewellery that adorned the wrists and necks of the models. Crystals, faux gems and pearls were used to recreate the archive pieces and in some cases, new designs. One can feel the slight tinge of fifties cocktail drama when viewing the molded back dresses, super high slit skirts and large armband sleeves, but made surprisingly modern. I love the first outfit the most. The white top complimenting the large-waisted slit skirt perfectly, showing loads of leg.  00080m1.jpg 00180m.jpg00230m.jpg00270m.jpg


One comment

  1. I love the pants from this collection. I feel like thats all I wanna wear these days.

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