Is imitation truly the best form of flattery?

April 6, 2008

I will just go ahead and rant on this little thing that has been on my mind for quite a long while now. I just need to ask all of you fashionable beings out there if imitation is the best form of flattery. Some might agree with the statement, others might not. I, for one, highly disagree. 


I have this acquaintance I know whom I met a little while back. After a while, friends of mine started noticing that this person, let’s call this person A, started to become more like.. Me. Everything that I did, A did. Point in view, my lifestyle habits (not really when it comes to Fashion – I will just go ahead and declare that I’m a million more times more fashionable than this fashion catastrophe.), the things I do, the style of clothes I wear and stuff. 


It annoys the hell out of me when it seems like my identity has been stolen/robbed.. It’s very much like Katie Holmes “copying” Victoria Beckham in terms of style and haircuts. Okay. I will just say that I whatever A does, I do it so much better – who the hell wears flip flops to the city? – in terms of everything. 


A friend did exclaim recently: ” OMG that’s you! only looking less hot and in need of major plastic surgery, new clothes, new hair and a new character!”. Shocked, I was not. Annoyed, very much.


So, have any of you felt this way before? Have any of you been imitated to the point of annoyance? 



  1. Puh-leese, get a grip and get over yourself. Your little post just screams “self flattery and praise” to me, nothing more.

  2. RIGHT ON! Finally…… I’ve always referred to those individuals as Human Mimeograph Machines, suffering from SWF (Single White Female) Syndrome. They lack any originality or creativity, gleaning whatever identity they could (like little parasites) from THE Truly Fabulous. Using someone such as yourself as a crutch of validation. I totally empathize with your frustration at having your originality “watered down” and made “pedestrian”. Imitation is NOT the best form of flatter – it’s just a lame justification for stealing and plagerism.

  3. Ive been there and all you can do is continue to be you. Not everyone has a strong sense of style so instead of asking for help some just choose to copy blindly. Is it flattering maybe, scary most definitely. If you feel so strongly about it call person A out.

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