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Bliss – Clog-dissolving Cleansing Milk

May 27, 2007


If clean, fresh, blackhead free skin is what you aim for, this cleanser is for you. This cleansing milk is non-foaming, and its special blend of oils effectively removes makeup, sebum, dirt and oil quickly. It has enzymes in it, and can be used as a 5 minute mask as well. Yesterday, I woke up with 3 zits, and I used this cleanser as a 5 minute mask in the morning and night (I use the sleeping peel at night)… after just 2 days (and 4 uses of the cleanser as a mask, and using the Dermalogica Medicated clearing gel), my zits have disappeared, and I’m now left with tiny bumps. I swear this helps as to reduce blackheads as well. This is definitely a winner in my book.

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Bliss – Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask

April 29, 2007

I’m all up for different types of masks.. I decided to try this critically-aclaimed mask from Bliss a few weeks back. And I must say that it really is one of the best masks I’ve ever used. According to Bliss, it’s got Fluid02 which is a special liquid ventilation system to carry stable oxygen molecules and release them on the skin’s surface. Sodium PCA for hydration and BV-OSC which is the most multi-active powerful form of vitamin C available to brighten the skin and help the repair the effects of environmental damage. Anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that live in conditions with the absence of oxygen) are killed as well. Using it is so fun and easy. You massage a nice thick layer of this peachy gel all over your face. It foams up and makes you look really funny. Kick back and wait till the stuff liquidifies and then rinse off. You’re left with this glorious glow and you’ll look so radiant and happy after using it! Follow with a toner, serum and then a moisturizer.

The best thing about this is that the effects of the mask don’t just last a few hours. It makes my skin glow for ages! It’s literally like a breath of fresh air in the meadows of New Zealand, but for your skin.

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Morning routine

April 22, 2007

I admit, I’ve been buying new products recently, and even my evening skin care routine has changed significantly. However, the basics are still there.

1. Cleanse with Bliss Fabulous Foaming cleanser. This removes any oil/dirt/grime and even leaves my face with minimal shine even after a couple of hours. I tried this last night, and was surprised to see that my skin was not as oily as before after a couple of hours. Also, this doens’t leave that awful tight skin feeling.

2. Tone with Clarins Toning Lotion or SK-II Facial Clear Lotion.

3. Ole Henriksen Truth serum. Not oily at all, and completely fantastic smelling.

4. SK-II Facial Clear Solution or Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion depending on what my skin feels at that point in time. Actually, I use Dermalogica’s Oil Control Lotion when I’ve got zits ‘cos it helps to prevent zits and kills them with the ingredients it has in them. The SK-II Facial Clear Solution is for days when my skin feels a little parched.

5. Kiehl’s Sodium PCA Moisturizer used only on my neck + collar bones to rehydrate the skin there.

6. Kiehl’s Abyssine Eye Cream or Bobbi Brown Hydrating eye cream. I can’t stress enough on the importance of eye cream. Prevention is better than (trying to) cure.

7. Clarins UV PLUS SPF40. You’ve heard me enough about ranting on about sunscreen.

After this, I just apply whatever concealer (Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage) on where is needed.

Share with me your morning beauty routine too!

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Bliss – Multi Task Mask

April 21, 2007


5 different masks: Brightening, breakouts, exfoliating, lifting and soothing. While the result is superb, the mixing of the powder into a mask is such an annoying thing to do. The lady said that it’s good if you to put on a serum under the mask. So I put on the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and left it to dry. Then, you basically take about half a table spoon of the powder, add in water until it’s a bit gloopy and spreadable. Use your own judgement on this. You slather everything on, and keep on slathering on until you see more of the grey stuff than your face. It’s going to be dripping all over, so do it over the sink with your head tilted back. Then, kick back until the mask literally rubberizes. Nudge the mask and throw the rubberized crap into the bin. Wash off any crap stuck around your hairline, and you’ve got perfect skin. Follow with toner and then a moisturizer. Perfecto skin!

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