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Burberry – Beaton Patent Leather Bag

April 30, 2007

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I talked about Burberry’s Manor bag a little while back. I’ve been seeing this Beaton bag quite frequently when shopping, and thought that I should do a post on it. It’s got a ruched opening with silver hardware. There’s this belt like thing that straps over the top of the bag as seen. It’s got feet. Feet on bags are so important – they prevent that awful dirty look on the bottom of the bag which is very common. The inside of this bag is wonderful as well – black satin lining that is smooth to the touch. Christopher Bailey has done such a wonderful job of designing this lovely bag. It’s got quilting as well, but in a not-so-obvious fashion. I think they do have this in patent beige as well. £1095 from Burberry London.


Burberry Manor

April 28, 2007

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In a nutshell, I like this Burberry Manor bag. Sure, it may be last and this season’s bag, but I still think it’s fabulous. The shape of the bag is a lovely long shape and is pretty deep, but not too deep that you can’t find your lurking cellphone at the pits of it. It comes in white and cream as seen above, black and patent black. The black is really gorgeous too. Anyway, the perfect outfit with this would be skinny jeans, heels, a laid back rock’n’roll T-shirt, waistcoat and long necklaces with aviators, of course. The leather on this bag may be pretty hard, but it’s what that maintains the shape. I love me some Christopher Bailey!! In fact, I think he totally revolutionised Burberry and made it into a more contemporary brand that fashionistas all love. Remember Sienna Miller in the gem-embellished top that she kept wearing? It’s by this Mr Bailey as well!

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