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Derma Nano – Intensive Moisturizing Cream

March 23, 2008

7.jpg A couple of weeks ago, I attended a seminar featuring this brand of products developed by a group of dermatologists. I was told that this brand uses nano-science technology, all natural ingredients and Deinoic water to optimize and complement the skin’s natural cycle, giving the skin a youthful and vibrant look. I stay in an air-conditioned room almost the entire day, even when I’m sleeping. (note to self: bring out that humidifier for sleeping!) This can cause my skin to feel dehydrated even though my skin’s naturally quite oily. At first, I was afraid of using this moisturizer as the word Intensive usually means heavy and thick and greasy. But to my pleasant surprise, this is anything but that! This cream  imparts loads of moisture and anti-oxidants and creates a barrier on the skin – also making it the perfect make-up base. The bottle is one of those that you squeeze on the top, and the cream comes out in the middle, so you won’t contaminate the cream by dipping your mucky fingers into the cream. The scent is a pleasant rose floral scent which is most probably natural, since this company is all about All-Natural skin care. When you apply it, it feels light and almost gel-like, but quickly absorbs into your skin after a light massage. What you end up with is skin that is soft, radiant and smooth. Another plus point is that it doesn’t even clog pores! A wonder to use! I have the entire set of cleansing oil (he pioneered cleansing oils! Yes, even before Shu Uemura came up with it!), cleanser and toner.