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Designer-“inspired” or whatever you call that

April 23, 2007

I have had enough of fake stuff. Walk along the sunny streets of Singapore, and you immediately spot those wannabe teenagers toting another “designer inspired” bag. “Designer inspired” is exactly the same as FAKE, even if one buys it from some “retail shop” like Forever21. There’s no difference in it for goodness sake. How many fake balenciaga work/first bags have you seen? Marc Jacobs Stam? Prada Gauffre? Fendi B. Bag? Squillions of them! And the thing about these teenagers in Singapore is that they just don’t accept that the their so-called designer-inspired bags are no different from fake bags. I hate fake bags. HATE HATE HATE it. The ignorance of these young things are just appalling.

I visited this livejournal community site once, and these girls and very few guys were posting pictures of themselves. And below each photograph, they state what they wear and how much it costs. For example, [PICTURE] Top-topshop, Jeans-topshop, Shoes-Aldo, Bag-designer inspired, etc.. It’s not about snobbery, it’s about having some sense of morals. Isn’t it very embarrassing to be carrying a fake bag? I’ve never owned anything fake before, and I have no intention of owning anything fake. This is also one of the reasons I don’t buy anything online (except for my leather conditioner). How can one be so proud of oneself carrying a fake bag? I have no idea how a person can do that. Honestly, it’s disgusting how you pay so much for a premium brand, only to find some awful creature on the street carrying the “same brand” but is “designer inspired”.

I must say that it’s not about me looking down on other people using high-street brands, I’m just saying that when it comes to bags – which is almost always faked – you don’t go and write proudly about your fake bag and post it online. It’s embarrassing and puts you in a bad light.

Tell me below about what you think about this so-called “designer inspired” thing.

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Fendi – Canvas Coated Crossword Bag

April 4, 2007

Credit: Browns
Dear Karl, why did you have to design this fuchsia pink woven stripes that weave to give a bag? This looks like one of those bags that you get at the street market (5 for $10, anyone?). There are pockets on either side of the silver lining, and it makes it look uglier than it already is. Please Karl, you were doing so well with the spy bag (except when you had those hideous crepe like variations) and the buckle range (minus the horrendous variations that you’re famous of designing though).. Please, bring back the genius, and ditch this horrific bag. £740. I rather you use the cash and wipe your butt.


Fendi B. Bag

March 16, 2007


To put it delicately, Fendi annoys the hell out of me. I mean, yes..come up with a gorgeous bag, and work it right, but don’t work it to death and make everything look like a bloody joke. The ‘B’ line has extended to belts, shoes,watches, earrings, cellphone straps, mini versions, large versions, hobo versions. The best of all of the buckle craziness has to be this black textured leather with patent buckles. It’s got lovely brass chain handles and the signature F detailing on the brass buckle prong contrast perfectly with the gorgeous patent black buckles. Worn especially well with jeans, this bag takes one from night to day effortlessly while looking perfectly put together. £965 from