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August 10, 2007

Ok, it sounds funny. But according to a local magazine, one can tell how a man is like in bed by checking his choice of underwear.
Here’s what they said in the article:

Briefs (Editor’s note: I don’t know if this is true or not. I’m a brief person. CK underwear only.)
He’s an initiator, not an imitator
Its ultra-snug fit highlights every unflattering bulge so it takes a self-assured man to be seen in his briefs. IN bed, the same confidence means he’ll take the initiative – no second-guessing if your man is in the mood. His athleticism shows that he has the stamina to go the distance in the sack.

Thongs (Editor’s note: Ok, any man who wears a thong wouldn’t be straight, no?)
He’s a thriller, not a giver
The bravest and most adventurous, the thong man is a serial thrill-seeker. He’s ever ready to try out 101 positions of the Kama Sutra and certainly has no lack of imagination. Opting for vanity over comfort makes him a quintessential metrosexual so it means you have to look good to keep him keen in bed. (Editor’s note again: Rubbish.)

Boxers (Editor’s note: AHEM. )
He’s a pleaser, not a teaser
Boxers hide much of the thighs, hips and bottom but it’s also loose-fitting and comfortable. It reflects a man who’s conservative but comfortable in his own ways. On the bright side, his easy-going nature means he’s willing to play along. But you’d have to jump on him first to get his attention. (Editor’s note: A ‘friend’ wears boxers, but he’s like, pretty insecure. And I’m not sure if he’s easy-going or ‘willing to play along’)

Nothing (Editor’s note: Oh gosh, let’s welcome the male version of Paris Hilton)
He’s a commander, not a follower
Most provocative and also the most fastidious, such men don’t like to follow the norm and have strong attitudes on how they want to live their lives. Unfortunately he’s also not one to spring surprises. Because once the pants come off, nothing is left to the imagination. Since he has a rebellious streak, be prepared for him to do exactly as he pleases in between the sheets like farting. (Editor’s note: NO ONE I know doesn’t wear underwear. I think that wearing underwear is the MOST fundamental of any outfit, no?)

Haha. I hope you had a good laugh like I had.

Btw, Calvin Klein underwear (Pro Stretch and Pro Mesh) is THE BEST. The most comfortable and no matter how much you bang it in the washing machine, it doesn’t lose its shape.