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The guide to hit back

March 27, 2007

Ok, so this isn’t much of a fashion post, but it’s just kind of a rant. I’ve gotten flak for what I’ve worn before, and know the people who insulted and pointed fingers at me. Same goes for my other fashionable, dare-to-be-different friends. Now, when I say different, I’m not saying they’re punky or goth. All I’m saying is that we’re very in trend, very on-vogue, and we don’t bother about what others say. This post, however, is just spitting right back at the haters.

1. Only insult/point fingers if you have the calibre to do so. I mean, if you got bankrupt while playing the fashion lottery, for goodness’ sakes, don’t blame it on others. You only got yourself to blame. After all, it’s you who is wearing leggings with those tree-trunk legs of yours.

2. Even if you have the calibre to do so, you don’t do it. I don’t insult what people wear. I may have my opinions and occasionally look at the odd outfit I see, but I don’t openly bitch about other people’s fashion sense.

3. And even if you insult, at least be smart and not bitch to my close friends. Simply ‘cos I’ll laugh at your stupidity. Gosh, you’ve got a brain of an ant and you bring stupidity to a whole new level.

4. Got something to say, say it politely. ‘cos I’ll just laugh at the horrible manners and how awful your parents brought you up.

5. Respect.

* * *

Ok, that was actually for those who have received any/some sort of flak/shit from anyone who is simply too ugly to insult. Bitch! More shopping posts tomorrow. I promise.