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5 Great Coats/Jackets

November 28, 2007



1. The first coat is by Marni, is collarless and has got a fabulous little skinny belt that adds some sparkle to the coat. Doesn’t this look fabulous? I think this will work so well over your little sweater-jeans combo that you just know you want to wear. Alternatively, this looks so beautiful as a dress on its own too.

2. This second coat is also by Marni, and features a collarless round neck, shearling cuffs and a buckle belt that pulls it in. What a great coat to be running around town with! This would look so fabulous over those super skinny Acne jeans and your Stella McCartney cashmere sweater tunic and those Lanvin heels you’ve kept at the bottom of your wardrobe, no?


3. This third navy coat is by one of my favourite designers – none other than Marc Jacobs (although we don’t know what was going through his mind when he came up with THOSE Louis Vuitton atrocities last year). This has got a large collar and lapels, and leads to a single button fastening. It’s called a Shadow Coat, and deserves its name as this is a fabulous 3-D coat. It’s a work of art! The sleeves are short and capped, making it so major over a simple dress of any bright neon colour that was featured heavily in Prada Spring/Summer 07 – you see, it’s good to mix and match along the seasons!


4. Be the centre of attraction with this red Lanvin jacket and a belt and bell shaped sleeves. It’s so difficult to carry these sleeve-shape off. Here’s a tip. Those who are tall and of a slimmer build will have a much easier time carrying this off. The skinny black patent belt sits high on the waist and and bell sleeves reach the elbow. How do you wear this, otherwise, difficult to wear jacket? Simple, I say. Wear it with a simple T-shirt inside – by The Row, super skinny jeans by Ksubi and those Christian Louboutin black patent pumps to match the red soles to your new jacket.


5. Less is more with Derek Lam’s Hounds tooth trim bolero. An easy way to keep a little warmer when wearing your super chic party Alaia dress with those fabulous black Jimmy Choos still tucked away in its purple box.

Stay tuned as I bring to you more ideas and ways to spice up your holiday wardrobe. Up next, probably a beauty count-down to Christmas!!


Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash!

November 26, 2007


I have a new obsession. I seldom change fragrances because I like the scents I wear to be my signature. While shopping at the fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs store at Takashimaya (a fabulous mall in Singapore), this was presented on a leather tray. Intrigued, I spritzed some on started to sniff it. And.. Oh My Goodness! This is my new favourite scent!!! It says that this has got top notes of watery cucumber accord, lotus leaf and cactus flower; mid notes of linden blossom, blue tiger lilies and dutch freesia; and a dry down of frosted musk and blonde woods. At first, you smell the gorgeous freshness of a faint hint of cucumber that reminds you of a garden in summer. And then, it fades and develops into a musk-ier scent, but still remains not to over-powering. A fresh and great scent for all! Best of all, it’s unisex! So you can share this with your partner!


Fall 2007 Fashion

August 28, 2007

There are 10 key pieces for each season, and this fall, it is no exception.

1. The cape: a new triangular silhouette updates the silhouette and don’t forget to balance this volumous top with skinny trousers and chunky heels. Look at this cape from Jil Sander. It’s refreshing and exudes a ‘darth vader’ kinda look.

2. Super wide belts: double or triple buckled belts pull in the entire waist to give that gorgeous hourglass figure. It’s super flattering to the body, and you can wear it over a dress or a fantastic trench coat.
This belt is from Burberry Prorsum – love their collections this year.

3. A belted tunic: I think these were seen at Marni or Miu Miu. Anyways, a belted tunic can be worn over a slim fitted pencil skirt with knitted stockings and the new Prada curved patent shoes will look fierce. Also, you can wear a tunic over a turtleneck will look great too.

4. Trousers are so in this season. High waisted, slouchy, widelegged trousers are great with a slim fitted men’s shirt and chunky heels or oxfords. Another alternative is a tailored pair, which will look great with a a feminine, dressy shirt and stilletos.

5. Hats, hats, hats! Remember my post on the Lanvin hat that I bought while I was in Melbourne? Yes, it’s official: hats are in this season! They were all over the runway, from Hermes to Marc Jacobs, everyone was hat-ted.

6. Textures. Quilting was featured in so many collections, from jackets to trench coats and even patent quilted gloves that go up to the elbow (as seen in Burberry Prorsum)

7. Patent everything. Enough said.

8. Evening tanks, dresses or knits look fabulous, especially with bronze or matte silver sequins. Tres chic!

9. Pencil skirts will be worn by everyone with opague tights and oxford heels (see YSL)

10. Turtlenecks are sexy, especially the thin cashmere ones. Make sure they’re of the best quality.


Marc Jacobs – Quilted Leather tote

May 14, 2007

Credit: Neiman Marcus

There is no doubt in hell that Marc Jacobs does fantastic clothes. But when it comes to handbags, he does cross the line of sanity sometimes. (Look at what he’s done to LV!!) Anyway, I quite like this bag, and I can see my girl friends carrying this. I know that Marc Jacobs doesn’t use the best leather in the fashion world, but some of his designs are quite spot on. QUITE. This has got quilted trim on its sides and on the front pocket. The gold chains mean that it isn’t going to be a light bag. I like the one on the right.. Much more interesting than the black.

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Designer-“inspired” or whatever you call that

April 23, 2007

I have had enough of fake stuff. Walk along the sunny streets of Singapore, and you immediately spot those wannabe teenagers toting another “designer inspired” bag. “Designer inspired” is exactly the same as FAKE, even if one buys it from some “retail shop” like Forever21. There’s no difference in it for goodness sake. How many fake balenciaga work/first bags have you seen? Marc Jacobs Stam? Prada Gauffre? Fendi B. Bag? Squillions of them! And the thing about these teenagers in Singapore is that they just don’t accept that the their so-called designer-inspired bags are no different from fake bags. I hate fake bags. HATE HATE HATE it. The ignorance of these young things are just appalling.

I visited this livejournal community site once, and these girls and very few guys were posting pictures of themselves. And below each photograph, they state what they wear and how much it costs. For example, [PICTURE] Top-topshop, Jeans-topshop, Shoes-Aldo, Bag-designer inspired, etc.. It’s not about snobbery, it’s about having some sense of morals. Isn’t it very embarrassing to be carrying a fake bag? I’ve never owned anything fake before, and I have no intention of owning anything fake. This is also one of the reasons I don’t buy anything online (except for my leather conditioner). How can one be so proud of oneself carrying a fake bag? I have no idea how a person can do that. Honestly, it’s disgusting how you pay so much for a premium brand, only to find some awful creature on the street carrying the “same brand” but is “designer inspired”.

I must say that it’s not about me looking down on other people using high-street brands, I’m just saying that when it comes to bags – which is almost always faked – you don’t go and write proudly about your fake bag and post it online. It’s embarrassing and puts you in a bad light.

Tell me below about what you think about this so-called “designer inspired” thing.

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Then and now.

April 9, 2007

I was at a fabulous English inspired furniture shop today and spotted a September 2002 Vogue on an eucalyptus wood coffee table. I was flipping through it, and what I saw in the editorials were the striking similarities with the current trends right now – with the only difference that the trends now are a little more polished and sleeker. Like the whole volume look that rocked fashion world for A/W 06/07. An article I saw was pretty interesting, and seeing that how current it actually looked, I thought that it might be worth a mention here.

3 looks that were rocked in 2002, and can be definitely be done today as well.

1. Glam
The look is revolved around the pencil skirt or fitted trousers, dramatically high heels, structured jackets, lush leather totes, and the overall look should be polished.
Think: Timeless croc heels, structured jackets, fitted bottoms, large bling-y jewellery (but not too many as you’ll look like a christmas tree), croc totes, large totes, Chanel 2.55s, Hermes Birkins, Hermes Kellys, Lanvin Kentucky totes, etc.
Look: Flawless complexion, lip liner + lipstick + lip gloss, full bronzer+blush sculpturing, mascara-ed lashes, clean eyeliner.

2. Grunge
It’s a little Olsen twins on a very good day, a little Lohan, a little Zoe-bot.
Think: Rick Owens leather jackets, premium hoodies from Puma (not the generic kind..the ones like from 96hours), too-cool-for-school T-shirts, skull/pistol charm necklaces, kitten heels, those Balenciaga boots, Rolling Stones T-shirts, giant YSL Muse bag in patent black, Balenciaga Weekender with gold studs.
Look: Natural complexion (tinted moisturizer with concealer where needed), mascara, lip gloss.

3. Goth
Think: Black black black. Lots of strong lines, play with volume, play with textures and fabrics. Black shirts with a super tight pair of black jeans, black pantent heels, etc.. For bags, think Marc Jacobs Stam, YSL Double bag, Miu Miu ruffled leather bags, Prada Gauffres.
Look: Smoky smoky smoky eye, natural lips (just a dab of lip balm), loads of attitude.

Some fashion trends keep resurfacing after a while… Let’s just hope stuff like too-short footless leggings will get out of fashion. And push that scruffy, no-effort-put-into-dressing look off the table.

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Lanvin – Kentucky tote

April 8, 2007


Lush leather, minimal hardware and a huge celeb following. Does this make a good bag to tote around and to be seen carrying? I think so. The good thing about Lanvin bags is that it isn’t designer designer…meaning that it doesn’t exactly scream to the world that you’re carrying an expensive designer bag. Chances are that those with a good eye can tell if the bag is designer or not. With the super soft, supple leather and the brass hardware, this bag will be wonderful for everyday use and travel as well. Also, what isn’t seen here is actually a chain strap a la Marc’s Stam bag. Get it from departmental stores for US$1545.