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Homme fashion – Jeans and bottoms

March 22, 2007

Far too many males wear ill-fitting jeans, horrible baggy jeans and jeans that clearly don’t fit their bodies. I must say that the Brits are much better at buying/wearing jeans than the Singaporeans.

Jeans are probably one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe as you would probably wear it almost every day. What would make a good pair of jeans? One that would provide a shape to the butt, make your legs look long, and fit nicely. 2 cuts that I really like is a bootcut and a straight cut. The bootcut is amazingly versatile as you can pair it with those leather thongs and a T-shirt in summer with a nice belt. G-star some pretty good ones. A straight cut pair is a little trendier, but provides good shape to the legs and makes the legs look extra long. True Religion and Rock & Republic have done some exceptionally fantastic pairs. Jeans are amazingly versatile and can take you from day to night by just changing your top and shoes. A sharp, crisp shirt works well with jeans and exudes confidence, style and still remains casual. 

Washes are important for jeans. The best pair of jeans is a true blue, straight cut, tight at the thighs and slightly looser at the calf. The worst ever colour for jeans is that annoying powder blue one a la construction worker. Grey jeans work well with dark coloured tops and are especially great when they come in a bootcut. Black jeans are very rock ‘n’ roll and work fantastically well with a rock ‘n’ roll T-shirt or a funky shirt-waistcoat combo. Guys should almost never wear white jeans unless you’re on a beach resort and pair it with a light, linen shirt or you’re some sort of rocker. Remember that black skinny jeans are rock ‘n’ roll, and black straight cuts are a tad dressier. Truly, True Religion and Rock & Republic do the best jeans. A brand that I have never liked is Evisu. Too many wannabes (well, from where I’m located anyway) wear them. And they are, admittedly, quite annoying.

Three-quarter shorts and knee length shorts are my staple when summer comes or when I go back to Singapore. I love pairing these with a T-shirt, a leather belt and boat shoes or leather sandals. It’s perfectly casual while not being sloppy. Switch the T-shirt to a shirt with rolled-up sleeves and you’ve got the perfect summer night out or a date-outfit. Just remember to wear it a little ruffled up as you don’t want to fall into the category of being too mature or old- a look no one wants.