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Fall ’08 Proenza Schouler

February 23, 2008

Construction, construction, execution. Yes. That was the name of the game for Proenza Schouler’s latest offerings. Menswear was given a spin that featured ultra-slouchy trousers that was held up with black leather belts. The construction of the garments showed super interesting cuts and the folds and shaggy look was seen in so many of the looks.


The look was very strong – an element of strength can be seen through the double-breasted coats, tweed and fierce trousers. Mustard, browns and purples reigned supreme. The gorgeous shaggy blouses, trousers and jackets brought an almost airy feel to the entire look. This collection has many little cocktail dresses with different colours and were adorned with sequins that added some shine into it.


My absolute favourite looks are  the double breasted coat-with-tights look, and the large bow white blouse with oversized trousers look. 

 00080m.jpg 00090m.jpg00150m.jpg00250m.jpg


MAC Blot Powder

January 29, 2008

m530_261.jpgcredit: maccosmetics.comThis blot powder (mine’s medium dark) is not only like it’s colourless, it helps to suck up extra oil and sebum! This doesn’t add any extra colour or texture at all. What helps to soak up the extra oils is mica and silica. The puff that comes with it isn’t that fantastic and I much rather apply this with a huge brush from Shu Uemura.Simply sweep this all over your face to keep your facial shine at bay!! You would have to touch up throughout the day though.  


MAC Strobe Cream

January 13, 2008

m6he_261.jpg Everybody wants that model-like glowy skin seen on magazines, catwalks and editorials, but how exactly do us, normal people, get it without the help of photoshop? MAC’s Strobe Cream does just that. This has got special botanicals in it, vitamins, green tea, antioxidats and iridescent particles. The shimmery particles brightens the skin and makes the skin look 3D. All of the vitamins and botanicals help de-stress and freshen up dull and tired-looking skin.What’s so great about this product is that you don’t need much (really, a little will do) to achieve a nice, glowy complexion. On days when I can’t be bothered to even wear tinted moisturizer, which is most of the days, I just slap this on after my moisturizer in the morning (followed by sunscreen, of course), and dab on concealer on wherever needed. This strobe cream makes your skin look great in all types of lighting – even the harshest office lighting which does nothing for your skin. $56 at all MAC Counters Singapore. 


Kiehl’s Rare-Earth Facial Cleansing Masque

October 31, 2007


I have a little secret. My skin is mostly clear because of this product. I’m a huge fan of Kiehl’s, and have loads of their products.. This masque is fantastic. It’s got Bentonite, Kaolin and Lecithin. Bentonite and Kaolin are clays that absorb oil and lifts off dead skin cells to clear the skin and cut off surface skin oil and grime. I usually slather a thick layer on after scrubbing my skin clean, and leave it to dry and suck out the grime and dirt. I like letting it dry, but wash it off before it totally dries and sinks in – if you do, you’re gonna get fine lines and it’ll suck moisture out of your skin! This leaves my skin clean, and not tight… A definite plus!



July 19, 2007

Sorry for disappearing for so long! I’m back home in Singapore and I’m busy meeting up with friends and family. Will be back in a little bit!!

That said, I’m currently in the market for a bottega canvas or some other tote bag.


Sorry guys!!

July 5, 2007

Hey all you readers out there… I´m currently holidaying in sunny Barcelona and can´t update till next Monday! Sorry for the pause!

 I promise I´ll start posting soon!

 Love you guys!!


Me!!! 18!!

June 4, 2007

On a totally random note, I’m pleased to announce that I’m officially 18 years old! =) (5th June)

No more sneaking into clubs or using my friends’ IDs to buy alcohol! =)

The sad thing is that I’ve got a statistics paper on my birthday, and I’ll probably be studying for my Chemistry (3 units) on the day too… It is quite refreshing…this birthday.. ‘cos I’m in love! =)

P.S Feel free to leave comments! =)