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British Vogue April Edition – Victoria Beckham

March 7, 2008

vbvoguecoversmall.jpg British Vogue is one of the most prestigious books in the magazine world – one of the most expensive and the fact that only top fashion people, A-list actresses and celebrities. It’s quite refreshing that Alexandra Shulman decided to put one of the most famous and most photographed women in the world on the cover. She looks so much better than the Elle magazine shoot where Gilles Bensimon made her look like a too-serious fashion-fashion female fembot – I mean, it fits her outward persona, but it was a bit too serious, no? I love this new look on the cover of Vogue – very old Hollywood glamour with some English royalty in it. Very chic. Loads of diamonds, soft beautiful make-up (not as contoured as she usually has it).  I see that Nick Knight has done such a great job. I can’t wait to see the actual magazine. So far, so good…


Victoria Beckham’s Purple Ostrich Birkin

January 24, 2008

Check out Victoria Beckham’s fabulous looking Hermes Birkin in Purple (maybe violine or raisin) Ostrich. We all know how difficult it is to get a Birkin, what more a purple ostrich one! It’s a great exotic and a great quirky colour that looks absolutely posh. Pun intended.
All of these 3 fabulous looking women look so different. Let me disect their style!
Dita von Tesse: Obviously the fairest of them all (skin colour wise, of course), and her navy blue moon dress by the designer himself really stands out. I love how she’s carrying a book-like clutch and accessorizing with a great cocktail ring, a brooch and louboutins.
Claudia Schiffer: Clearly the tallest of them all. Her look is just so quirky!! That smile, that tousled blonde hair, the leopard print YSL belt and clutch, and that gold bracelet and shoes just look so together! Note how her skirt is the same one as Victoria Beckham’s, only in a different colour and not a dress.
Victoria Beckham: As usual, looking posh and dressed to the nines. Her fur (most probably faux) looks great with the Roland Mouret dress she’s donning, and doesn’t she look great and just like a snow bunny with her trademark tan? Girl has also matched her purple Birkin with violet Louboutins. The dress looks great on her figure as it fits well and looks great!
These 3 were undoubtedly the most stylish and fashionable for Paris Fashion Week! 

Chanel – Timeless clutch

April 4, 2007


This caviar leather clutch by Chanel is really beautiful and chic. As seen in the perfectly manicured AND moisturized hands of Victoria Beckham, Ashley Olsen and other stars, this is perfect for dinners at The Ivy or at Nobu Berkley… The gunmetal CC closure adds the perfect polish and class to the bag. This clutch is also available in white and in black patent, but this naturally shiny black is simply the best and looks the classiest. I’ve seen the python variations, but those really sucked!

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Victoria Beckham – Chanel Skis?

April 4, 2007


What an improvement from last year’s French skiing trip. Last year saw her with that leather Chanel suit (Hello? A bit too much?) and saw her wearing North Face and Moncler. That really gorgeous aviators with a little retro touch…really like it. Ok, at least this girl has matured a little more and actually did ski. Girl can add skiing to her CV.


Beckhams at Sport Industry Awards

March 30, 2007

Can I just say that they look so adorable together? So cute!!


Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez

March 28, 2007


These 2 gorgeous women, in my opinion, are at the tops of the style ladder. They aren’t afraid to take risks, and always look impeccably put together. Sure, they may have loads of haters, but their fashion sense and style is undoubtedly one of the best. And let’s not forget that Jennifer and Victoria are friends and have been rumoured to start a fashion line together after meeting in Rome during Tom’s and Katie’s wedding. Also, Jennifer’s been giving some love to Victoria by wearing dVb sunglasses – which, incidentally, I adore! I say all this, even though I do think that Victoria should, erm, cover up her boob area a little some times.

In that picture, Victoria’s wearing that Giambattista Valli waist-cinching belt and that grey off-shoulder piece with her perma-tan and blonde crop. Jennifer’s wearing some YSL tribute pumps that have made their mark in the fashion scene.


Victoria Beckham – From Jimmy Choo to ew

March 25, 2007


Dear Victoria, you know how much I a fan I am of you, but why do you have to do this to me and turn up with David in this Christopher Kane bandage-esque fire-engine-red-with-a-long-pink-zipper-up-the-front? You did so well with your gorgeous clothes the past few months, especially when you were in Bristol carrying that Jimmy Choo Marin clutch. I love your style and your gorgeous fashion sense, and you had to do this to me. I even bought your sunglasses for goodness’ sakes!! Dammit. You better start wearing black, girl.