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Carita Nutri-Repairing Radiance Hair Mask

August 29, 2007


I am officially crowning this hair mask the best mask ever. Yes, even more so than my oh-so-beloved Kerastase and Alterna hair masks (even though they’re still in my repertoire). This hair mask is formulated for dry or very dry or damaged hair. What it does is that it adds in loads of essential minerals into the hair and makes it as good as new. It’s got microcapsules of essential minerals that beautify the hair, giving it strength, vitality and energy while preserving its natural shine. Also, it has nutri-repair complex (ceramides, rice milk & wild mango butter extract) to help tighten the scales of the hair cuticle and helps to fill in fissures in the hydrolipid film, which protects the hair from dehydration. Sweet almond extract smoothes the hair and restores its softness and shine; honey extract and pro-vitamin B5 soften and help to soothe dry scalps.

This hair mask is rich and silky, and you simply have to slop a little of it all over your hair after shampooing (I like my Alterna Caviar shampoo), and leave it for a little while (I usually leave it for about 10 minutes. Just rinse off after 10minutes, and your hair will be as smooth as a, er, I don’t know – silk? Yes, ok. Silk. Your hair will be as smooth as silk.

Be good and go get this!! (even though this is like the most expensive hair mask ever – 3 times the Kerastase one!!)