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LipFusion Lip Gloss

January 3, 2008

home1_05.jpg    I know many of you want to know how to get the perfect pout that is with few or minimal lines and with a perma-gloss as seen in several celebrities. Ok, a good friend dabbled with this with the hope that her lips would look thicker and that she would get a gorgeous pout. And it did! As a faithful beauty and fashion freak, moi, I decided to try a little swab of this gloss. I braved the gloss and tried it. It feels tingly at first, but doesn’t sting or hurt at all. It’s just like tickling your lips, but with less sensation.       

After a little while, when the tingly feeling is gone, my lips were noticeably plumper and the lines on my lips were less visible. I have since recommended this to every person whom I think deserves this secret lip plumper. And I think that you all deserve to know about this! It’s available in a gorgeous palette of colours. The clear is, of course, the most useful. It uses dehydrated collagen that works when it touches your lips.  

 And no, I do not wear lip gloss. Only a very thin coating of lip balm without any gloss.