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5 Great Coats/Jackets

November 28, 2007



1. The first coat is by Marni, is collarless and has got a fabulous little skinny belt that adds some sparkle to the coat. Doesn’t this look fabulous? I think this will work so well over your little sweater-jeans combo that you just know you want to wear. Alternatively, this looks so beautiful as a dress on its own too.

2. This second coat is also by Marni, and features a collarless round neck, shearling cuffs and a buckle belt that pulls it in. What a great coat to be running around town with! This would look so fabulous over those super skinny Acne jeans and your Stella McCartney cashmere sweater tunic and those Lanvin heels you’ve kept at the bottom of your wardrobe, no?


3. This third navy coat is by one of my favourite designers – none other than Marc Jacobs (although we don’t know what was going through his mind when he came up with THOSE Louis Vuitton atrocities last year). This has got a large collar and lapels, and leads to a single button fastening. It’s called a Shadow Coat, and deserves its name as this is a fabulous 3-D coat. It’s a work of art! The sleeves are short and capped, making it so major over a simple dress of any bright neon colour that was featured heavily in Prada Spring/Summer 07 – you see, it’s good to mix and match along the seasons!


4. Be the centre of attraction with this red Lanvin jacket and a belt and bell shaped sleeves. It’s so difficult to carry these sleeve-shape off. Here’s a tip. Those who are tall and of a slimmer build will have a much easier time carrying this off. The skinny black patent belt sits high on the waist and and bell sleeves reach the elbow. How do you wear this, otherwise, difficult to wear jacket? Simple, I say. Wear it with a simple T-shirt inside – by The Row, super skinny jeans by Ksubi and those Christian Louboutin black patent pumps to match the red soles to your new jacket.


5. Less is more with Derek Lam’s Hounds tooth trim bolero. An easy way to keep a little warmer when wearing your super chic party Alaia dress with those fabulous black Jimmy Choos still tucked away in its purple box.

Stay tuned as I bring to you more ideas and ways to spice up your holiday wardrobe. Up next, probably a beauty count-down to Christmas!!


Marc Jacobs Cucumber Splash!

November 26, 2007


I have a new obsession. I seldom change fragrances because I like the scents I wear to be my signature. While shopping at the fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs store at Takashimaya (a fabulous mall in Singapore), this was presented on a leather tray. Intrigued, I spritzed some on started to sniff it. And.. Oh My Goodness! This is my new favourite scent!!! It says that this has got top notes of watery cucumber accord, lotus leaf and cactus flower; mid notes of linden blossom, blue tiger lilies and dutch freesia; and a dry down of frosted musk and blonde woods. At first, you smell the gorgeous freshness of a faint hint of cucumber that reminds you of a garden in summer. And then, it fades and develops into a musk-ier scent, but still remains not to over-powering. A fresh and great scent for all! Best of all, it’s unisex! So you can share this with your partner!


SK-II – Facial Treatment Cleanser, Essence and Toner

November 24, 2007


I never bought into the whoe SK-II thing. But recently, I was introduced to this Japanese brand by a close friend, and honestly, I’m actually liking the results.

The Cleanser washes the skin well and leaves the skin nicely conditioned and moisturized. However, my only gripe is that it feels TOO gentle. I like cleansing with my Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel and then using this cleanser. It’s nothing special, but the foam is fine and smells pretty nice.

This toner is actually something that I’ve been using on and off. It’s got AHA in it, and I can actually feel it working as there’s a little tingling here and there. I like this. And if there’s only one SK-II product you would want to get, get this. It leaves the skin nicely clean, and doesn’t even dry the skin too much – just what I like in a AHA-added toner.

The Essence is the “star” product, and contains pitera and supposedly helps to restore the skin’s natural renewal cycle for complete nutrient absorption, and also works to balance the skin’s pH and sebum secretion, so oily and dry areas are properly moisturized. Ok..after trying this, I actually quite like it, even though it smells of fermented yeast – in other words, IT STINKS! It’s actually like water, except that it gets absorbed into the skin much quicker. After trying this for a couple of days, I noticed that the redness in my blemishes have calmed down. It’s really not that bad, but other than that, it’s nothing “miraculous” about it. That said, I’ll finish the entire bottle and then see how it is again.


Thank Goodness!

November 17, 2007

Thank Goodness for justice in the world. This is a fight back to those who violently disagreed to my stand on fake goods.

(Words in bold are from the magazine article)

In the November 2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore), there’s an article called “The Designers Fight Back”. The little bloop of the article is “It’s a fashion crisis: High Street copycats have a stranglehold on the fashion elite; knock-offs arrive at shops months before the originals, and copyright laws are obsolete.”

Anna Sui is really pissed off. She gave “every guest at the Anna Sui show a parchment-coloured T-shirt with a frontier-style “Wanted” poster calling for the capture – with a rerward of $21,000 – of “Don Cassidy and the Sundance Jin”. More than just a gift, this simple T-shirt was a statment against the high street copycats who continue to rip off both her – and others’ – designs.”

The lawsuit between Anna Sui and Forever21’s owners Don and Chang Jin is still being fought out in court. Anna Sui isn’t the only designer who has done this. “Diane von Furstenberg, the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), was so angered by a bright yellow wallpaper-print silk dress in a high street store – an obvious copy of the one from her spring/summer 2007 collection – that she sent out missivess to stop its sale.” The dresses were eventually destroyed. This has been seen in the lawsuit between Chloe and Topshop as well. “In July, [Topshop] paid out £12,000 to Chloe in a settlement of a suit over a yellow mini dungaree.”.

Gwen Stefani and Jimmy Choo have followed this new take on high street brands ripping off their designs as well. I mean, come on. Think about it. If you were a designer, and you spent months coming up with a collection, would you be pissed if another store rips your designs off??

Imitation and speed is also a deadly combination when it came to Rouland Mouret’s design of the Moondress (a dress that my favourite bag site – as hosted be Tina and Kelly have featured – I think Tina bought the gray version). “Just weeks after Victoria Beckham wore a pre-store release Roland Mouret comeback Moon Dress when she first arrived in LA, copies were spotted on the high street racks – it’s name cheekily changed to “the Victoria“.

Anna Sui also stated that “These copies are hitting the market before the original versions do“. “Presient of the Chambre Syndicale, the fasihon collective for haute couture and ready-to-wear in France, Didier Grumbach, issued the first warning about Fast Fashion as early as 2004. He called for a reschedule of Paris Fashion Week because he felt that the designers were committing “collective suicide”. Case in point, Close to 5000 pieces of “the Victoria” were sold amost four months before the original Moon Dress would ever reach the actual boutiques.

“In the US, senators, too, have taken up arms in the battle against copies – they’re campaigning for a change in the laws so as to ensure fashion designers are granted intellectual property rights. The current law only forbids copying if the original designer label is affixed to it – in other words, it isn’t illegal to copy wholesale and slap on a different brand name inside. “The lack of strong laws in the US has made it a haven for piracy,” says Diane von Furstenberg. And under her leadership, the CFDA has made this issue the number one priority. It is estimated that copies represent 5% of the US$18 billion apparel industry in America. A bevy of designers and senators are lobbying the congress to pass a bill that allows for copyright protection of fashion for up to 3 years and fines copycats US$250,000.”

“One of Fast Fashion’s continued attraction is its prices. Diane von Furstenberg’s “Cerisier” dress cost US$325, but its high street version was a mere US$32. And it does this mostly by using extremely cheap labour, such as those in Mauritius and India. The UK Times revealed that workers who made hundreds of £12 T-shirts a day were paid only 10 times more – £112 – a month. China Blue, a documentary about the garment industry in China, uncovered the horrendous work hours – 8am to 2am, seven days a week – of 17 year old factory worker Jasmine. It’s not unusual to find that the workers who make Fast Fashion live below the poverty line. Customers realise that some things are not right, in the same way that people are starting to understand global warming is real.”

Well, after reading this article, I think this gives those who believe in fake, ripped off goods a good slap across their faces. It’s not only me who is taking this stand, obviously. Darlings, even big name designers are taking action!! Of course, there are celebrities who use fake goods – such as Britney Spears who was pictured carrying a fake white Chanel 2.55 and a fake crocodile Hermes Kelly, and Courtney Love who unkonwingly wore a fake Chanel Couture dress that was given to her by her stylist (whom she promptly fired, and she wrote an apology letter to Kaiser Karl.).

So..whether you agree to the article or not, I know there are loads who will agree to it. Holler!


Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub

November 15, 2007


I love the great refreshing smell of this body scrub, and even though the beads are a little rough, it’s still smooth enough to avoid the dreaded scratching that would cause redness and dryness. After washing off this scrub which I use with minimal water, it leaves the body feeling very cool and has a fantastic minty feel on the skin. One scrub, and it removes the dead skin cells that build up after time, and leaves my skin smooth, glowy and healthy. But always remember to moisturize with a moisturizer after using any body scrubs. I love Kiehl’s Creme de Corps, and shall mention that another time.


Chanel UV Essentiel Protective UV Care Anti-Pollution SPF50 PA+++

November 5, 2007


credit: chanel

Sunblocks have to be grease-free, light on the skin, and must not leave a white film. This Chanel sunscreen is great as it protects skin from UV rays, as well as pollution. It’s got a marine complex that helps to protect the skin from pollution. It’s high UV protection is great as I know that my skin is protected well. It’s a little on the pricey side, but it’s great as you don’t need much to spread it all over your face and neck. Get this!!


La Prairie Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex

November 4, 2007


I was just shopping around when I saw this. I didn’t necessarily need another eye cream, but having one more won’t hurt, right? I bought this with it’s promise to minimize fine lines (caused mostly by stress and insufficient sleep), and I tried it last night and this morning. Instantly, I could feel my eyes firming up and my eye area looks much toner and healthier. It’s a liquidy solution that you gently massage into your eye area, and I swear that this helped remove my fine lines as it provided loads of moisture without greasiness. According to the SA, this is like a mini eye-lift, and told me that despite my age (I’m below 20, thanks), it’s still suitable for my skin type. I must say that I’m thoroughly enjoying this product. I’ll update once more if it works after a long period of time, so do check back here!