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O.P.I – Nail Envy

April 12, 2007


I like pedicures. They’re..therapeutic in a way. I like the fact that my feet get really nice-smelling after I’m done..not that they’re at all funky smelling in any way. After shaping, grooming and scrubbing the feet, the really nice lady asked if I wanted a coat of strengthener or just buff to shine. I opted for the buff ‘cos it’s just right doing so. Hee. Anyway, when my toenails get horrendously chipped, I paint on this Nail Envy in matte and leave it for a week before removing. By the time I wipe it off, my nails are in tip-top condition. This version of matte envy is formulated with Hydrolyzed Protein and Calcium helps nails grow harder, longer and stronger and resist peeling, cracking and splitting. It doesn’t have that silly glossy finish, so it’s fine for men.

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