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Sebastian – xtah modelular crude clay for hair

April 10, 2007


My personal hair style is a beachy, messy, somewhat spikey but yet polished and sleek look. I’ve gone through so many hair styling gels/wax/clays, and finally found this clay. The usage is easy, but you must have a basin to wash your hands with after. Simply dig into the clay, warm it up in your hands, and scrunge all over – you don’t want to coat every single strand, but random strands. Then style by using your hands all over. For us guys, I think it’s really important to have good hair, and this is really one of the products I would recommend. Washing off can be quite a bitch if you use too much, but you can remove it easily by using a tiny bit of a clarifying shampoo followed by a moisturizing shampoo or put on some conditioner and then shampoo.
For the ladies, you can use this to achieve a very sexy beach-hair like what loads of hollywood starlets have been rocking. A little messy, worn with a nude face sculpted with bronzer, it spells sex on legs.

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